Dragon Ball Daima: Official Date for Anime News and Updates

Dragon Ball Daima: Official Date for Anime News and Updates

The Dragon Ball Daima anime is the most significant development for Dragon Ball fans this year. Although the new arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga is equally relevant, the long wait for a new Goku anime has placed Daima at the top of fans’ wish lists, even if it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait much longer for news.

July: The Key Month for Dragon Ball Daima Promotion

Recently, I wrote about the upcoming Dragon Ball Daima trailer at San Diego Comic-Con. However, it turns out that there’s an even closer date for anime updates (via SupaChronicles, Geekdom101):

  • Confirmed: Dragon Ball Daima will make its way to Fuji TV HQ MALL on July 20, 2024 😁

Dragon Ball Daima and Fuji TV HQ MALL

Fuji TV HQ MALL, located in Tokyo, features stores dedicated to Fuji TV franchises, including Dragon Ball Daima. The announcement suggests that multiple Dragon Ball Daima products will be available on the specified date:

  • Visitors can take photos with Goku, enjoy mini-games centered around the Dragon Balls and Goku’s staff, and discover merchandise presentations 😉
  • Initially, the event will offer photography opportunities, games, and merchandise presentations to make the anime’s autumn release more enjoyable 😎
  • Regarding merchandise and other updates at Fuji TV HQ MALL, it’s expected that the presented items will become available online or through conventions 😮

A Month Full of Surprises

Between July 20 and 28, 2024, fans can expect all sorts of surprises related to Dragon Ball Daima, including trailers, merchandise, and images. This will only be the beginning, as other international events like New York Comic-Con will follow, offering even more updates leading up to the anime’s release. So, if you’re growing tired of the silence surrounding the new series, you’ll be happy to know that in just over a month, we’ll start receiving updates one after another.