Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero to Feature Alternate Storylines - A New Gaming Experience Awaits!

Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero to Feature Alternate Storylines – A New Gaming Experience Awaits!

Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero Promises an Immersive Gaming Experience

Get ready, Dragon Ball fans! The upcoming game, “Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero,” has revealed some exciting features that promise an immersive gaming experience. The game will offer the much-requested split-screen multiplayer mode, albeit with some limitations, and additional modes beyond the traditional online experience.

Episode Battle Mode and Alternate Storylines

Among the additional modes, the Episode Battle mode stands out. This mode is similar to a narrative campaign where players can relive iconic moments from the Z and Super stories. But here’s the twist – you’ll have the opportunity to explore alternate routes and, in some cases, witness events from a first-person perspective.

Jun Furutani, the producer of “Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero,” discussed the Episode Battle mode in a recent video. While the game features a wide range of characters from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, not all will be playable in this mode. The mode focuses on eight different fighters, with Goku receiving the most attention.

“In this single-player mode, you can assume the viewpoint of eight different characters, including Goku and Vegeta, and relive famous battles from the anime, some of the most iconic from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super,” explained Furutani. “For example, Goku has the most stages, starting from the fight against Raditz up to the battles in the Tournament of Power.”

Immersive Gameplay and Narrative Choices

Most of these battles will be experienced from a third-person perspective, similar to the show’s view. However, some scenes will be presented in first-person to increase player immersion.

“Some cutscenes allow players to experience parts of the story in first-person. We hope this allows players to immerse themselves further into the characters’ experiences,” continued Furutani.

Alternate Paths

Another intriguing feature is the ability to change the course of the stories. For instance, when Raditz invades, Goku can choose to bring Piccolo to face the Saiyan or go alone. It’s not yet clear how many of these options will be available and how much they will influence the game’s stories.

Release Date

“Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero” is set for release on October 11, promising to deliver an action-packed gaming experience that stays true to the beloved Dragon Ball universe. Stay tuned for more updates!