Kingdom Chapter 800: Release Date & Where to Read the Manga

Kingdom Chapter 800: Release Date & Where to Read the Manga

The long-awaited Kingdom Chapter 800 is set to be released on June 21, 2024, and fans can read the latest chapter on the Young Jump website. In Chapter 799, tensions peaked when Shiryou scolded Sou Ou for his recklessness, despite being severely injured. Kansaro decided to release both of them, much to Sou Ou’s gratitude. The soldiers praised Kansaro’s strong leadership and remembered Ji Aga’s admiration for him.

Meanwhile, in the capital of Zhao, a grand celebration was held for Riboku’s victory. However, some officials worried they would lose power if peace were to be achieved. This chapter also hinted at Riboku’s clever thinking regarding the never-ending cycle of war in China.

Release Date of Kingdom Chapter 800

Kingdom Chapter 800
Kingdom Chapter 800: Release Date & Where to Read the Manga 1

Kingdom Chapter 800, highly anticipated by fans, has officially been announced with a release schedule for June 21, 2024. This latest update, in just a few chapters, has gathered a loyal fan base eagerly awaiting each new release.

Recap of Kingdom Chapter 799

Kingdom Chapter 800 1
Kingdom Chapter 800: Release Date & Where to Read the Manga 2

In Kingdom Chapter 799, there was a tense moment when Shiryou scolded Sou Ou for his recklessness. Despite his severe injuries, Shiryou believed he could escape on his own. The soldiers admired his quick recovery and bravery. Kansaro, who could have killed Sou Ou, chose to let them both go, respecting Sou Ou’s courage. Sou Ou was deeply grateful to Kansaro for this unexpected act of kindness.

Meanwhile, the soldiers reflected on Kansaro’s character and strong leadership, remembering how much Ji Aga admired him and believed he would be proud of their actions. The story then shifted to the capital of the Kingdom of Zhao, where everyone celebrated Riboku’s victory over the Qin army. However, some officials feared that if peace were achieved, Riboku’s success could cause them to lose their positions.

The story grew more tense as Kakukai devised a way to weaken Riboku to maintain his position. The King of Zhao saw Riboku’s popularity and planned to praise and bring him back quickly. Riboku discussed his approach with SBS while considering the ongoing cycle of war and peace in China. He thanked Seika for her help and acknowledged the sacrifices made. Despite Qin’s recent defeat, Riboku remained vigilant, understanding that as long as China was divided, war would always be a threat.

Spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 800

Spoilers for the Kingdom Chapter 800 manga have not yet appeared online. However, they usually leak on various internet forums such as 4chan and Reddit about three to four days before the official release date.

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