ONE PIECE 1080 Complete Summary Stronger than a Yonko !

One piece chapter 1080 Complete Summary Stronger than a Yonko !

One piece chapter 1080 , we are treated to images of the guard attack on the island of the hive. The damage caused by this attack is immense, and the acquired lightning bursts from the ground following the devastating power of Luffy’s grandfather, Garp. This puts some prestige back on this feared Navy hero.

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One piece chapter 1080 comeback Garp

The chapter begins with Perony trying to save some Comorians. Although this character is not very developed, he has an interesting fan base. It’s interesting to see that there is a different evolution for the characters in the Cross Guild. The Cross Guild brings together a lot of characters that were a bit lost or too far removed from the central storylines. This makes it an interesting and powerful faction for the final battle.

In this video, we try to answer some questions around Garp. What exactly is the power he has? Does he have the level of an admiral? Why does he take so many risks to save Kobe when he did nothing for Ace? These questions are important because Garp is a highly respected figure in the Navy.

It’s interesting to see how the Cross Guild is integrated into the various twists and turns that take place around the Exid and Associates arc, including Shanks, Kid, Water, Blackbeard and Garp. Kobi’s bounty is an important point in this integration.

One piece chapter 1080 Kobi

All in all, this chapter of One Piece is full of interesting twists and questions. We look forward to the answers in the next chapters.