Ranma is Back: First Teaser of the Anime Remake Released - A Classic Returns!

Ranma is Back: First Teaser of the Anime Remake Released – A Classic Returns!

Get ready, anime fans, because Ranma is making a comeback, and that’s fantastic news! What do we know about this highly anticipated remake of one of Rumiko Takahashi’s greatest hits? Well, right now, we know next to nothing, but it won’t be long before we start getting some answers. For now, we have the first official teaser of the anime remake, which serves as a warm-up with a look back at Rumiko Takahashi’s career.

First Look at the New Ranma Anime Teaser

Here’s the video, as shared by @rumicworld1010, the official Twitter account for all things Rumiko Takahashi:

Now, let me share some exciting details with you:

What to Expect on July 17, 2024


As previously announced, July 17, 2024, is the date when the first official details about the Ranma anime remake will be revealed. What can we expect to be confirmed then?

  • The animation studio.
  • A first promotional image to get a glimpse of the anime’s updated look.
  • Possible release year.
  • Whether the anime will adapt the entire manga or not.

The last point is the most intriguing to me, especially considering that the original Ranma anime (as great as it was) did not cover all the events in Rumiko Takahashi’s manga. So, this remake is not just an opportunity to enjoy the Ranma anime again, but also to see a definitive adaptation that captures the story as it should have been in the anime. 😮

Rumiko Takahashi’s Legacy Continues

Remember, this is not the first remake of a Rumiko Takahashi anime, with that honor going to Urusei Yatsura. Since this promotional teaser features other works like Maison Ikkoku and InuYasha, also by Takahashi, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of more remakes of the mangaka’s works in the future. 🤗

I’m beyond thrilled that “Ranma” is returning, a classic show with a unique essence that’s hard to find in today’s anime industry. I’m also curious to see if certain aspects, like the nudity (common in many episodes), will be maintained or if they’ll be toned down due to censorship that sometimes makes awkward appearances. Either way, as I said, mark July 17 on your calendar, as that’s when we’ll get the real scoop on this highly anticipated new “Ranma” anime.