The Promise Of Episode 292

The series Boruto is coming to an end. As officially announced a few days ago, Studio Pierrot will temporarily end the continuation of the adventure to focus on the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Naruto. But before that, will offer one last great feeling to viewers.

The saga There Tails Onslaught is about to reach its climax. Kawaki’s escape from Konoha has put him face to face with the heir to Otsutsuki’s will and the last of the Kara. Followed by Boruto, a fight broke out between the three characters, leaving them no way out.

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Boruto episode 292

In episode 292, the fight continues with the arrival of Naruto and Shikamaru on the scene of the battle. The situation will then take an unexpected turn, that is Momoshiki, who will side with Code.

After commenting on the end of the first part of the anime, the scriptwriter Honda Masaya raised the pressure for the episode that will be broadcast on Crunchyroll on March 19, 2023: “Boruto has had several special episodes in the past and episode 292 will definitely be one of them. Keep your eyes open until the last minute”.

Sensei Masaya’s promise is kept, as manga readers already know. Indeed, the Seventh Hokage will soon suffer horribly.

Boruto 292 : The new rise of Borushiki


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