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A new My Hero Academia season 7 anime image has been revealed.

A new My Hero Academia season 7 anime image has been revealed.

My Hero Academia season 7 announced almost 3 months ago, a season that was shaping up to be quite obvious. The final war between the heroes and villains has broken out and, of course, we’re left with what will surely be the most important events to be seen in Kouhei Horikoshi’s story. What’s more, we may soon have some big news regarding the premiere and broadcast of this new season of the anime, not least because a new image of it has been shared today.

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Is My Hero Academia season 7 about to reveal the details?

Is My Hero Academia season 7 about to reveal the details?

My Hero Academia season 7 Without further ado, I leave you with the new image from season 7 of the anime “My Hero Academia” (via animetv_jp) :

And now, we’re going to comment on a series of little things about the image as well as season 7 of the anime:

  • My Hero Academia season 7 to start with, this image from My Hero Academia shows a very different Deku from the one in season 6 of the anime. ?
  • My Hero Academia season 7 Whereas last season was characterized by Deku’s “Dark Hero” arc, in which he broke away from the U.A. to fight the bad guys on his own, season 7 looks set to bring him back in full force with his classmates and teachers. After all, we can see that Deku’s outfit is nothing more or less than the Gran Torino scarf paired with the uniform worn by U.A. students. ?
  • Will this be the final season of the My Hero Academia anime? Well, given that the manga isn’t finished yet, it seems unlikely. That said, we’ll be VERY close to the conclusion. After all, the anime has adapted 328 of the 391 chapters available from the manga, and over the last 3 seasons the anime has had an adaptation rate of 60-70 chapters per season. As you can see, they could really stretch this to be the end of My Hero Academia in anime, but I’m sure they’re holding something back. ?

Honestly, how the end of “My Hero Academia” will be adapted is becoming more and more of a question mark, especially as the manga’s author is finding it harder and harder to make this final stretch. It’s more than obvious that Kouhei Horikoshi has physical and health problems due to the wear and tear of his work, forcing him to take more than one break from publishing. So keep an eye on the next few months, as it looks as though the future of “My Hero Academia” will not be long in coming.

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