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Tokyo Revengers: police arrest one of the Live-Action actors

Tokyo Revengers: police arrest one of the Live-Action actors

The Live-Action film “Tokyo Revengers” is certainly one of the biggest successes of recent years. It had a huge impact in Japan, and was so well received that it even received a handful of international releases. It is expected that other films will continue to adapt the story of Takemichi and company. However, if the idea of using the actor Baji for some kind of flashback or other had arisen, it seems that the use of his image is rather complicated.

One of the actors in the Tokyo Revengers series is arrested

Here are all the details gathered on the arrest of one of the best-known faces from the live-action film “Tokyo Revengers”:

  • It has been confirmed that Kento Nagoyama, the actor who played Keisuke Baji in the action film Tokyo Revengers, was recently arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. ?
  • The reason for the arrest was the actor’s possession of marijuana, which he kept in his own apartment in Tokyo. Kento Nagoyama is alleged to have broken Japan’s cannabis control law. 
  • It was only yesterday, June 15, that police searched Kento Nagoyama’s apartment, confirming their suspicions and leading to the actor’s arrest the same day. They are also investigating how the actor managed to obtain the marijuana. ????
  • At present, the consequences for the actor are unclear. However, knowing the strength of vetoes in Japan, it is possible that this event will have a severe impact on his professional career. ?

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Those familiar with the story of “Tokyo Revengers” will know that, given Keisuke Baji’s role in the plot, the live-action anime won’t have to worry too much about this issue. The situation would have been very different if the actor involved had been Takemichi, Mikey or any of the other big names in the series. In any case, there’s every reason to believe that this affair will be no more than a mere anecdote, at least at international level.

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