Blue lock 211 spoilers The Rise of Don Lorenzo: A Breakdown

 we will analyze Blue lock 211 Chapter 211 of manga series that focuses on soccer. The chapter introduces us to Don Lorenzo, a defender who demonstrates his world-class skills and proves to be a valuable player to the team. We will break down the chapter and explore the different events that take place.

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Blue lock 211 Don Lorenzo’s Defensive Skills

The chapter begins with Don Lorenzo stopping an attack led by Kaiser, a player on the opposing team. Isagui, a member of Don Lorenzo’s team, is impressed by Don Lorenzo’s ability to predict and read the plan of the opposing team. We learn that Don Lorenzo is one of the best defenders in the sub-20 and in the world.

Kaiser’s Provocation

Kaiser tries to provoke Don Lorenzo by insulting his golden teeth and claiming he will surpass his annual salary of 300 million. Don Lorenzo responds by pointing out the salaries of the German team, including Corona, Yukimiya, and Isagui. Don Lorenzo then proceeds to score a goal, demonstrating his offensive skills as well.

Blue lock 211 Don Lorenzo’s Offensive Skills

Although Don Lorenzo is a defender, he moves like a midfielder and is able to exchange passes with his teammates. He is also able to dribble past his opponents with ease, as shown when he easily passes Kunigami