Discover Lookism Chapter 507: Release Date & Where to Read the Manga

Discover Lookism Chapter 507: Release Date & Where to Read the Manga

Lookism Chapter 507 is set to be released on Friday, June 21, 2024. This popular webtoon continues to captivate readers with its exciting storyline. In the previous chapter, tensions reached an all-time high as Eugene gathered the main crew to capture Gun. Despite their best efforts and intense battles with characters like Jerry, Warren, and Johan, Gun proved to be a formidable opponent. The chapter ended with a promise of revenge from Gun after an intense fight.

Release Date of Lookism Chapter 507

Lookism Chapter 507
Discover Lookism Chapter 507: Release Date & Where to Read the Manga 1

Lookism Chapter 507 is scheduled for release on Friday, June 21, 2024. Don’t miss out on the latest chapter of this highly anticipated manga. Make sure you stay tuned!

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Recap of Lookism Chapter 506

Lookism Chapter 507 1
Discover Lookism Chapter 507: Release Date & Where to Read the Manga 2

The chapter began with Eugene gathering all the main crew members for a meeting to capture Gun. However, Charles was not confident and stated that Gun was too smart to be caught easily.

Next, Hostel Uncle, along with Brad and Jason from Big Deal, tried to take down Gun first, but Gun quickly defeated them. Then Jerry, full of anger and determination to take down Gun for Big Deal, stepped forward. He used the Breathing Water Technique to attack, but Gun hit him hard, creating a cloud of smoke. Just before Jerry lost consciousness, Warren arrived to help and used his own technique to stop Gun.

Jerry and Warren worked together, shocking Gun with their close-range combat skills. Gun was impressed with their strength but called them children before brutally killing them. Then, the four crew leaders took turns attacking Gun. Warren tried again, but Gun defeated him. Suddenly, Johan attacked Gun, revealing that his true intention was to distract Gun so that Eunsung could steal the red paper.

The teams then attacked Gun together, and Ryuhei restrained him. Gun was now angry and declared that he would kill each of them, not because they took the red paper but because he thought they were trying to kill him.

Spoilers for Lookism Chapter 507

There are currently no spoilers available for Lookism Chapter 507. Spoilers are usually available online three to four days before the scheduled release date. So, you can visit our website three to four days before the official release date to check for any updates.