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One Piece Chapter 1083 5 to 1! Garp's whole body is burned and he collapses on the ground

One Piece Chapter 1083 5 to 1! Garp’s whole body is burned and he collapses on the ground

One Piece Chapter 1083, will show again the chaos on the island of Hachinosu.

The fight of Garp against Aokiji continues, Aokiji who had fallen in the blue hole created by Garp, managed to go back up by using the ice ladder he had built.

Aokiji looks fresh and unharmed, he blames Garp for being an old man who lost his stamina because he couldn’t hurt him.

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One Piece Chapter 1083 Garp vs Aokiji

One Piece Chapter 1083 Garp vs Aokiji

One Piece Chapter 1083 But Garp reacted by saying that this was just a warm-up, that we should be prepared to receive the power of the strongest legendary hero in the world.

Aokiji then unleashed his power which was then countered by Garp’s Galaxy Impact fist which shattered Aokiji’s ice into pieces.

One Piece Chapter 1083 But as Garp smiled and reproached Aokiji, a sword attack slashed Garp from behind.

It turned out that the person who had slashed Garp from behind was Shiryu who was using the power of Suke Suke no Mi.

Soon after, Avalo Pizarro and Vasco Shot came to attack Garp, Avalo Pizarro used the power of his island to grab the bloody Garp hard.

Followed by Vasco Shot who spit out his sakenya bubble to create a huge fire bomb which then burned Garp’s entire body.

Garp, who was already floating in blood, was attacked again by San Juan Wolf in giant mode, who slammed Garp’s head against the ground until Garp fell to the ground, just like Aokiji before.

All the Pirates present laughed and rejoiced to see Garp completely knocked down.

But soon after, Garp jumped out of the hole and returned to his original position.

One Piece Chapter 1083 Big Bang Impact

One Piece Chapter 1083 Big Bang Impact

Garp tells him, “I’ve defeated thousands of Pirates before you were born. Then Garp prepares to launch his most powerful boxing technique, called Big Bang Impact.

After Garp’s attack, Hachinosu Island was finally destroyed and Blackbeard’s crew was thrown off the island.

Fortunately, Aokiji was there, and he quickly froze the ocean, so that Blackbeard’s crew was thrown and did not sink into the sea, all of Blackbeard’s crew members passed out except Aokiji.

Coby and the SWORD members managed to escape from the island, while Garp remained unconscious on the ground because he is too old to throw his ultimate punch

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