One Piece Chapter 1108: Luffy and Sanji face Saturn and Kizaru

One Piece Chapter 1108: Luffy and Sanji face Saturn and Kizaru

Before discussing One Piece chapter 1108, chapter 1017 of “One Piece” was highly anticipated and delivered significant developments on Egghead Island. It marked a pivotal moment in the Egghead Island arc, building up excitement for the upcoming battles. So, what happened in the next chapter? This chapter will feature several intriguing battles, including one between Zoro and Lucci.

One Piece chapter 1108 Zoro vs Rob Lucci

This is a highly anticipated fight that could take place at Egghead base. It is clear from the previous chapter that there has been no significant breakthrough in their battle. Both Zoro and Lucci appear to be exhausted, indicating that their fight is evenly matched. However, the time has come to conclude this battle.

One piece chapter 1107 THE FIGHT FINALLY BEGINS…

One Piece chapter 1108 Zoro, who appeared to be wielding two of his three swords in the previous chapter, is expected to showcase his full abilities in this chapter to end the fight with Lucci. However, Lucci will not go down easily and will likely inflict serious injuries on Zoro.

In addition to Zoro’s battle with Lucci, this chapter will also feature the return of St J Garcia Saturn to fight. In the previous chapter, Luffy launched a powerful Gatling attack towards him, sending him flying far away. Although Saturn sustains significant damage, he remains in good condition due to his high endurance and recovery abilities.

One Piece chapter 1108 Luffy vs Saturn

St J Garcia Saturn is the main antagonist in this arc and may be stronger than Kizaru. Saturn must find a way to counter Luffy’s abilities, although they are nearly evenly matched in terms of strength. Ultimately, Luffy prevails. However, this does not mean that Saturn cannot cause injuries or difficulties for Luffy, making their fight intriguing for fans.

One Piece chapter 1108 Saturn’s abilities are fascinating to watch, and fans hope he can showcase them well in this chapter. There are many mysteries surrounding his devil fruit powers that have yet to be revealed, and fans hope Oda will further explore his character in this chapter.

Attention may also be on the ongoing battle between Kizaru and Sanji, when Kizaru tries to kill Bonney and Vegapunk, Sanji manages to stop him with his strength. Sanji may not be as strong as the Marine Admiral, but he has the potential to elevate his level in this fight and defeat Kizaru.

We will see the extraordinary strength of a Marine Admiral and a Straw Hat pirate chef. Sanji might make a comeback in the next chapter and, if so, Kizaru will be surprised by the powerful attack from Sanji. Overall, this chapter is expected to be highly engaging and will feature various significant events at Egghead that fans have been eagerly awaiting.