One Piece Chapter 1117 Leaves Garp's Fate Uncertain - What's Next for the Marine Hero?

One Piece Chapter 1117 Leaves Garp’s Fate Uncertain – What’s Next for the Marine Hero?

One Piece Chapter 1117: Garp’s Fate Remains Uncertain

One Piece is currently heading towards the climax of the Egghead arc. However, some loose ends remain unresolved, one of which is the status of Garp. This has been a significant question for some time, and Chapter 1117 only makes the matter more perplexing.

Garp’s Last Appearance and Current Status

One Piece Chapter 1117 garp
One Piece Chapter 1117 Leaves Garp's Fate Uncertain - What's Next for the Marine Hero? 1

Garp last appeared in the storyline in Chapter 1088. He, along with the SWORD members, went to the pirate island Hachinosu to rescue Koby from the Blackbeard pirates. However, their mission faced obstacles when they had to confront some of the Blackbeard pirate captains, including the former admiral Kuzan, also known as Aokiji.

Garp is one of the strongest One Piece characters, making dealing with the captains not overly challenging. However, Kuzan is another matter. As a former admiral and Logia Devil Fruit user, Kuzan had a tough battle against the former vice-admiral.

Their battle was symbolic and noteworthy, especially given that Garp once trained Kuzan. However, despite the fierce fight, Garp ultimately lost. The last time readers saw Garp, he lay on the ground with a spear in his chest, surrounded by the Blackbeard pirate captains.

The Mystery Deepens in Chapter 1117

The Mystery Deepens in Chapter 1117
One Piece Chapter 1117 Leaves Garp's Fate Uncertain - What's Next for the Marine Hero? 2

The manga never explicitly revealed what happened to Garp afterward. It’s unclear whether he’s alive or dead. However, some fans hope Garp is still alive, as One Piece rarely kills off characters. But Chapter 1117 casts doubt on Garp’s fate.

In the new chapter, old characters like Don Krieg, Gin, and Pearl reappear, but there’s no sign of Garp, despite ample opportunities for him to show up. The chapter features Hachinosu Island but makes no mention of the vice-admiral.

Vegapunk’s final message also stops in this chapter. However, before that, the scientist directly addressed those with the initial “D” in their names. Although Vegapunk couldn’t finish his message, the manga still showcased important characters with the initial “D,” including Dragon and Blackbeard. Sabo appeared instead of Luffy and Ace, Bepo for Trafalgar Law. For Garp, this role was fulfilled by Koby.

Garp’s absence from this list could have two meanings: either he’s being held captive on Hachinosu and didn’t hear the broadcast, or he’s dead. The first possibility is more likely, given One Piece’s history of not killing off main characters.

What’s Next for Garp?

There has already been a death in the Egghead part, with Vegapunk being killed by Saturn, one of the Five Elders. Therefore, it’s unlikely that another important character like Garp would die in the same arc. However, we won’t know for sure until the manga confirms his status. Stay tuned for more updates!