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Discover spoilers for ONE PIECE chapter 1106 SPOILERS

Today, we dive into the exciting world of One Piece as we dissect what’s in store for ONE PIECE chapter 1106.

There are a lot of interesting things that could happen in the next chapter of the story, all of which could be huge for what’s to come in the finale of the Egghead Island Arc.

First, let’s talk about Luffy. After a brief break, our elastic protagonist prepares for ONE PIECE 1106 action.

Luffy has been seen consuming large amounts of food, his high metabolic rate suggests that the food will digest quickly, leading to his imminent return to action, possibly using Gear 5. The primary target for Luffy’s re-emergence Vs St. Saturn.

ONE PIECE chapter 1106 Luffy Vs St Saturn

ONE PIECE chapter 1106 Luffy Vs St Saturn

As anticipation builds for Luffy’s return, readers eagerly await the unfolding of the climactic events that will shape the arc’s conclusion.

In this chapter, Sanji is set to play a significant role as the plot intensifies, Sanji recently saved Kuma and Bonney from Saturn’s attack and tried to lead them to safety.

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However, Kizaru’s intervention stopped their escape, leading to a precarious situation with Mark 3’s pacifistas targeting them. Sanji rushes to their aid, hinting at a possible rescue mission in the next chapter.

Alternatively, there is speculation that Luffy could activate Gear 5 to intervene, whatever scenario Sanji would have to face Kizaru. Defeating Kizaru is a daunting task, but Sanji appears to be the most capable among those present, the impending duel promises to be Sanji’s most significant fight yet, fans anticipate Sanji’s fighting strength against Kizaru while Luffy potentially engages against Saturn.

ONE PIECE chapter 1106 is set to explore the mystery surrounding the unidentified pirate crew that raided Egghead in the previous chapter, this group launched an attack on the Navy ship assigned to sink the scientists fleeing Egghead Island, luckily an external entity thwarted their plans by sinking the Navy ship.

ONE PIECE chapter 1106 Although the chapter does not specify the identity of this force, speculation among fans strongly suggests that it could be the Blackbeard Pirates, earlier fans witnessed the trajectory of the Pirates of Blackbeard to Egghead Island, implying that their ship could have collided with the Navy vessel, resulting in its destruction, it is plausible that the Blackbeard Pirates are heading to Egghead to complete their undisclosed mission .

ONE PIECE chapter 1106 Alternatively, some conjecture points towards the involvement of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, despite their global presence, the lack of a compelling reason for them to visit Egghead currently decreases the likelihood of their involvement.

Another intriguing prospect is the Neo-Mads, a faction recently formed by Judge in conjunction with Caesar Clown, with a shared interest in VegaPunk; given their knowledge of Vega Punk’s location, it is conceivable that they have targeted the Egghead Island, possibly embarking on their journey weeks before, if the Neo-Mads are indeed behind the incident, their pursuit is consistent with their prior knowledge of Vega Punk’s location.

Mystery remains as to their motivation and ultimate goal. With each new development, the stakes of the Egghead Island arc grow stronger, and readers can’t wait to see how each piece of this complex puzzle will fit together. As tensions rise and alliances form and break, ONE PIECE chapter 1106 promises to be a pivotal milestone in One Piece’s gripping narrative.

ONE PIECE chapter 1106 Stay tuned to discover the unexpected twists and surprising revelations that await on Egghead Island. The journey has only just begun, and each page turned brings us a little closer to the epic outcome that awaits us. Prepare to be amazed, because in the world of One Piece, nothing is ever what it seems.

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