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One Piece: McDonald's special hamburger boxes look like this 2023

One Piece: McDonald’s special hamburger boxes look like this 2023

One Piece” and McDonald’s are launching today, April 19, 2023, a collaboration in Japan in which the Straw Hat Pirates will be part of the famous chain’s burger lineup. And yes, I insist on Japan because unfortunately I did not see that this was a promotion also prepared for Spain or other territories. Nevertheless, it is always possible to see the details of everything that is planned, and today I bring you a very cool one: the box of hamburgers.

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McDonald’s One Piece burgers will come with a collectible box

Below you can see two of the box designs that were prepared for the “One Piece” burgers with McDonald’s (via NewWorldArtur) :

And about the boxes, besides the fact that they are really cool, we can also comment the following little things:

  • First of all, it seems clear that the main characters in each of the boxes are Luffy (red) and Zoro (green). ?
  • Despite this, we can also see that other members of the Straw Hat Pirates crew appear, so it’s quite likely that all of Luffy’s nakama are present in this packaging. ?
  • Also, I’m guessing these are the only two box designs that were prepared for the collaboration. In the end, McDonald’s has “only” announced two new burgers for this promotion with One Piece, so it seems logical to assume that each of the burgers will go with its respective special box. ?
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