One Piece Reveals Imu's Gender, But No One Noticed
imu one piece 1119

One Piece Reveals Imu’s Gender, But No One Noticed

One Piece is filled with mysteries, including rumors about the final antagonist, Imu. Although Imu has not been confirmed as the final antagonist, all hints point to that possibility. Moreover, the very existence of this character is the greatest taboo in the world.

In the past, 19 kings established the World Government and decided to share power equally to prevent the rise of a supreme power. They created the Empty Throne, with each king placing their weapon around it, symbolizing their vow never to sit on it.

However, the truth is that someone is sitting on the Empty Throne – Im-sama, the character who makes even the Five Elders bow their heads in reverence.

Imu remains a mystery in One Piece. Oda has hidden Imu’s identity, but their gender seems to have been revealed some time ago in the Japanese version, although the translation was lost.

Which One Piece chapter reveals Imu’s gender?

imu one piece 1119 Which One Piece chapter reveals Imu's gender?
imu one piece 1119

In the rough draft of One Piece chapter 1086, Ivankov’s dialogue reveals that Imu is male. According to a Japanese translator on Twitter: “The honorific 聖(sei) is used immediately after the names of male Celestial Dragons. Conversely, the honorific 宮(guu) follows the name Shalria.”

The translator added, “Imu is referred to as ネロナ家のイム聖(sei), so at least we can assume that Imu is male at the time the current World Government was established.”

Details are often lost in translation, which is why YouTubers and Japanese fans usually explain these things on social media. Ivankov speculates that Imu’s name is “Saint Imu of the Nerona House.”

one piece imu name
one piece imu name

Imu is also believed to be immortal. Ivankov mentions a possibility that could bring eternal youth, which could be the power of the Ope Ope no Mi fruit. He believes that someone in history must have used this devil fruit before.

However, confusion about Imu’s gender remains among One Piece fans and will continue until their face is revealed. At least, it won’t be surprising if Imu is revealed to be male, given the existing clues.

In conclusion, One Piece has confirmed Imu’s gender, but many fans have overlooked this revelation. As the story continues to unfold, more secrets about this mysterious character will be revealed, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Stay tuned for more updates on One Piece and the enigmatic Imu.