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Thunder God’s Tale will be released on Netflix on October 21st!

We previously discussed Oni: Thunder God’s Tale, the upcoming Netflix series that will deal with Japanese mythology in an interesting and lighthearted way, telling the story through CGI. Yesterday, the streaming platform itself confirmed October 21 as the official release date.

This new Netflix series is shaping up to be a gem, and the wait is almost over, with just under a month to go. As mentioned, this four-episode series will apparently focus on Japanese mythology and the protagonist Onari.

Onari’s powers will be revealed as the series progresses and the audience will obviously become more and more curious about the events, especially if you are a fan of Japanese folklore.

So Onari must begin and continue his adventure in a wild and unpredictable landscape populated by the known and popular monsters of Japanese mythology. A “historical” and cultural picture that will certainly be appreciated.

During the month of June, a trailer was also released, which we reproduce below, confirming the release date of October 21 this year. Netflix as well as Crunchyroll have also decided to lend a hand to the animation world, offering different animation techniques and captivating stories. We report everything via ANN.

Oni: Thunder God’s Tale will be released on Netflix on October 21!

This film from the creators of the Oscar-nominated short film “The Dam Keeper” tells the story of Japanese mythological creatures.


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