Vinland Saga author admits he doesn't like Vikings

Vinland Saga author admits he doesn’t like Vikings

Vinland Saga makoto Yukimura has managed to create one of the best stories I’ve seen in anime in recent years. I found the second season of “Vinland Saga” simply spectacular for its ability to exploit a character like Thorfinn, whom I personally detested in the first season. Perhaps this emphasis on the psychological side of the characters is also due to the fact that Yukimura-sensei isn’t exactly what you’d consider a Viking “fan”.

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Makoto Yukimura explored other contexts for Vinland Saga before coming across Vikings.

It was at San Diego Comic-Con, the convention Makoto Yukimura attended in person, that he opened up about how he eventually came up with the idea of Vikings for his manga (via ANN) :

Yukimura-sensei bluntly confessed during his Vinland Saga talk that “I don’t really like Vikings”.
Originally, the author of Vinland Saga wanted to create a story in which the concepts of violence and peace were central to all events. However, he lacked a historical foundation on which to base his story.

  • Makoto Yukimura considered settings such as ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, feudal Japan and even China. However, on closer examination, he realized that all these historical periods had already been worked on by other Japanese authors.
  • However, the fact that he came across the Viking theme almost out of nowhere doesn’t mean that Makoto Yukimura didn’t devote all his time to it. In addition to all the reading he had done, the author of Vinland Saga also decided to travel extensively to see for himself the territorial context in which the real alter egos of Thorfinn and company lived.

Honestly, knowing that Yukimura-sensei had to “deal with it” when creating “Vinland Saga”, I really hope that in the future, if he creates a manga again after the story of Thorfinn and company, he’ll do it from something that really comes to mind first. Now that he has achieved worldwide success and fame, the author has earned that his next project can have all the freedom in the world, regardless of context and previous works.

Vinland Saga author admits he doesn't like Vikings