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Assasination Classroom season 3 anime ?

Assasination Classroom season 3 anime ?

Assasination Classroom season 3. We’re used to praising manganim shonen for their big doses of action, power scales and so on, but we sometimes forget that there are works in other genres that can also win over millions of viewers. Such is the case of Assassination Classroom, a comic series (with its share of action) that Shonen Jump readers adored, and which has subsequently been the subject of several TV adaptations.

In 2016, the anime’s second season was released, and with it, fans had to say goodbye to Koro-sensei and the others. Unfortunately, some people were left wanting more, and began to ask the question: is it possible that more episodes will be made in the near future, and that the main story will continue? That’s the question I’m going to answer today.

Will there be Assasination Classroom season 3?

Will there be Assasination Classroom season 3?
  • The answer is very simple: there will be no third season of the Assassnation Classroom anime ❌❌❌❌.
  • And it’s not because the series failed after the end of the second one, but because there are no more chapters of the manga left to adapt?
  • Yuusei Matsui’s work ended in April 2016 with the publication of chapter 187, and he is currently engrossed in his new work: The Elusive Samurai✅
  • Therefore, it is almost impossible for Assassination Classroom anime to have a Season 3?.
  • What could happen in the future is that some OVA or movie telling an additional/original story could be announced (and even then that is also unlikely)?.

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