Solo Leveling draws to a close (again); epilogue bids farewell 2023

Solo Leveling draws to a close (again); epilogue bids farewell 2023

The main story of “Solo Leveling” came to an end several months ago, but that hasn’t stopped the franchise from continuing to add (and plan) new content. In particular, “Solo Leveling: Ragnarok”, the sequel featuring the son of the main character from the first story, continues to add chapters at a rapid pace. On the other hand, today everything concerning the original manga story has reached its conclusion, this time definitively.

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Solo Leveling bids farewell with what should have been its epilogue

Next, I’ll leave you with MangaMogura’s tweet in which he explains how the “Solo Leveling” epilogue story, which was active until today, has been closed :

  • Basically, a statement was released on KakaoPage today explaining that Solo Leveling’s epilogue-like side story had reached its conclusion. ?
  • The story was spread out over a total of 21 chapters, and the fact that it wasn’t particularly long is because it was conceived as a tribute. ?
  • It should be remembered that DUBU, who was the main artist of Solo Leveling, passed away some time ago. That’s why from REDICE Studio they decided to give shape to this side story, in which the goal was to put a few brushstrokes to Jin-Woo’s story after the main events of the work. ?
  • It is important not to confuse this story with Solo Leveling: Ragnarok. The sequel starring Jin-Woo’s own son is still active, and no indication has been given (for now) that it will be concluding soon ?.

It only remains for me to remind you that the “Solo Leveling” anime will be released (if nothing strange happens) in January 2024. Clearly, with the influence it has had among manga and webtoon, this story is going to be one of the most eagerly awaited releases of recent years. With A-1 Pictures at the helm of the project, I’m confident that the anime will be of the highest quality, although I hope it won’t suffer from the production problems we’ve seen in recent works such as “NieR: Automata” or “86”.

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