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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 : Gohan BEAST Vs Goku ULTRA INSTINCT?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 : Gohan BEAST Vs Goku ULTRA INSTINCT?

Dragon Ball super chapter 102 , and the first 7 pages also in draft format, will reach us in 2 days.

In any case, the official Dragon Ball website has sent us this extract which, visually, doesn’t reveal much. It’s of Goku, from what we had at the end of chapter 101, and who will say, and I quote, “Gohan, from earlier was impressive.” Obviously, he’s implying the K that Gohan had just deployed in his Beast form when he had a major tantrum, especially since he went berserk in the face of Carmin and number 15, who, in his eyes, was back to kidnap Pan again, something he wasn’t going to let pass.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 the authors of the DBS manga wanted to mark the occasion with the return of the Beast form, which had a way of getting people talking. Unlike a Super Saiyan, which would have gone unnoticed and been redundant in relation to the film, this time it attracts the attention of Goku and Vegeta. Goku has teleported away, doesn’t seem to care much about C and Trunks being together, and is desperately interested in Son Gohan.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 Gohan BEAST

I remind you that, in addition to the last page of chapter 101, which was quite eloquent, we also had the accompanying preview in Japanese magazine V Jump, telling us “Is Son Goku really going to do it?”, implying that Goku was about to do something quite crazy, quite jarring compared to the current situation.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 Knowing his attraction to combat, we all assumed that a confrontation between Goku and Gohan would take shape in chapter 102, and potentially provide some kind of answer to Son Goku’s current mastery of his Ultra Instinct and Son Gohan’s newly acquired Beast form.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102

In addition to this information, I’d like to take a few minutes to elaborate on what I think are the most likely possibilities, with the start of the answer on February 14th and the full answer on the 20th, with the full release of the chapter. Firstly, and I’ve just mentioned it, everyone saw it coming as big as a truck: the confrontation between Gohan and Goku.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 All that remains to be defined is where: on Earth, at Beerus’ house, in another even quieter location with less possible damage, given the levels of power these two can deploy. And you’ll see that, as things unfold, there are many possible branches from this starting point. Where can the fight take place? If it’s at Beerus

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102

There’s an obvious link with Gohan and Broly, with the possibility of both evolving in the control of their emotions, and therefore their fighting form and strength. The two have relatively similar problems. They could help each other, train together, receive precepts from Whis, Beerus, Goku, Vegeta, knowing that, in my eyes,

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 Gohan and Broly represent the two greatest potential mortals have today. There’s also Black Freezer, but he’s a bit of a special case. I wonder if he’s evolving exponentially, because he’s never trained and he’s going to hit some kind of glass ceiling soon. We’ll see, that’s another subject.

If this confrontation takes place, new branches will already emerge victorious. Will the winner be revealed? We could have a fight with a completely cryptic outcome. You know that in manga, and even Dragon Ball, they like to tell us: “Yes, but he’s faster, the other one’s more powerful.” So, ultimately, it depends on the situation, the context.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 One has better control, the other more strength, knowing that it’s a whole that shapes and forges the fighter. They like to play with words. So we may already have an outcome to the fight that won’t be clear-cut, and that will be the talk of the town. And perhaps it’s for the good of the work that it’s talked about.

They can take a completely assumed choice, that of experience and mastery on Son Goku’s side, with a Gohan who gives in to his emotions and has just unlocked the form. Still, it’s important to remember that Goku has been swimming in the waters of Ultra Instinct for quite some time, that his basic power keeps evolving too, while Gohan was quite rusty and, even if he’s capable of prodigies, it may be that Goku’s lead is valued and Gohan fails to hit Son Goku once, that Son Goku doesn’t retaliate but simply dodges.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 But if, at a certain stage of the fight, Gohan could go even more berserk, if his blow was explosive, if it impressed Goku, this would lead him down the path of training with Broly, so that Gohan could become a truly accomplished warrior in his Beast form.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102

The very opposite outcome is that Gohan gives Goku Ultra Instinct a massive beating, despite his ability to dodge, focus, calm and soothe. It’s not enough, the beast takes over, showing us that it was superior to Cell Max, but potentially to Goku Ultra Instinct, Broly, Moro, Beerus absorbed, and that it’s already playing in the big league, why not a Gas after the vow formulated a Granola, also post-vow, or even a Black Freezer, to know them, which would still be pretty amazing.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 The complete showdown would be for Gohan to land on Beerus’ planet, beat Goku, Vegeta is interested, goes Ultra Ego and gets beaten by Son Gohan, and why not Broly afterwards. And from there, Gohan would sit on top of absolutely everyone else, even if it still seems a bit contrary to the way the character is written, especially in parallel with Broly.

They both have crazy potential, but have they really reached it fully? No. So, to see Broly or Gohan currently sitting as number 1 vis-à-vis all the other characteristics that forge a renowned fighter, potentially not. In any case, my point is that the authors would take the outcome cryptic, leaving us in doubt.

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