Jujutsu Kaisen theory Why is Yuji Itadori the Chosen One of the Black Ray?

Jujutsu Kaisen theory Why is Yuji Itadori the Chosen One of the Black Ray?

Yuji Itadori, the central protagonist of “Jujutsu Kaisen“, continues to blur the lines between an ordinary high-school student and an entity potentially created by occult forces. This article aims to explore the mysteries surrounding Yuji, comparing his abilities to those of iconic characters such as Maki and Toji.

Who is Yuji Itadori?

Yuji, a seemingly ordinary high-school student, was catapulted into a supernatural world after ingesting one of the fingers of Sukuna, the King of Plagues. This action gave him unprecedented power, positioning him as one of the few capable of containing Sukuna.


    Yuji’s Abnormal Strength

    Right from the start, Yuji stood out for his superhuman physical strength, capable of surpassing world records and fighting plagues with his hands alone, even before he became an exorcist.

    Yuji’s Mysterious Origin

    Clues suggest that Yuji may be more than just a human. He was manipulated from conception by Kenjaku, a mad scientist who experimented with the limits of exorcism. This raises the question: is Yuji an artificial creation of Kenjaku’s designed to push back the boundaries of exorcism?

    Comparisons with Maki and Toji

    Maki and Toji, two other characters from the Jujutsu Kaisen universe, share striking similarities with Yuji, notably in their relationship with occult forces and their innate restrictions.

    The Curse of the Zenin Clan

    Maki and Toji were both born with an “innate restriction”, a curse that deprives them of occult energy but gives them immense physical strength. This similarity with Yuji, who also possesses exceptional strength, could indicate a common origin or similar manipulation by Kenjaku.

    Affinités avec les Rayons Noirs

    La capacité de contrôler les rayons noirs, qui nécessite plus qu’une simple maîtrise de l’énergie occulte, est une caractéristique partagée par Yuji et d’autres personnages puissants. Cela pourrait être lié à une adaptation physique ou spirituelle spécifique, potentiellement influencée par des manipulations génétiques ou magiques.

    3. Théorie : Yuji, un Produit de Manipulations Occultes ?

    L’hypothèse que Yuji pourrait être une “création” de Kenjaku, conçu pour tester les limites de l’exorcisme et de la science occulte, est de plus en plus plausible.

    Expérimentations de Kenjaku

    Yuji aurait pu être conçu comme un hybride entre l’humain et le fléo, une création de Kenjaku pour dépasser les limites connues de l’exorcisme et peut-être même pour incarner une nouvelle forme de puissance.

    Implications pour l’Avenir

    Si cette théorie s’avère correcte, Yuji pourrait jouer un rôle central non seulement dans le combat contre Sukuna mais aussi dans l’évolution future de l’exorcisme, représentant une fusion entre le passé mythique et les possibilités futures de l’humanité et du surnaturel.

    Yuji Itadori, at the center of many theories and speculations, remains a mystery. His true nature and abilities could define the course of “Jujutsu Kaisen”. Is he simply a high-school student endowed with extraordinary strength, or is he the central pawn in a much larger occult game, orchestrated by forces we’re only just beginning to understand?