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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 93 sets the stage for one of the most anticipated battles of the saga.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 93 sets the stage for one of the most anticipated battles of the saga.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 93 We are still at the bingo on the official manga adaptation of “Dragon Ball Super” from the movie “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, and we are still a bit far from seeing the serious stuff (probably in two or three months). However, this does not mean that we will not find anything interesting in the 93rd chapter of the manga next month. For starters, you can already note the date and time when this next chapter will be published via Manga Plus.

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When will Dragon ball super chapter 93 be released

  • Dragon Ball Super chapter 93 will be released on Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 5:00 pm. You can check out the official details about it via MangaPlus, where new manga chapters are posted every month by order of Shueisha. ?
  • What to expect in this new manga chapter? At first, it makes sense that we continue the fight between Broly and Goku that concludes the 92nd chapter of the manga, as it didn’t seem like they were going to stop there. ?
  • What else might we see? If all goes according to plan, it would be nice if we could eventually see up to the point where Pan is “kidnapped” or similar, as it’s pretty unlikely that enough progress will be made to already have some of the central action of the film. ?
  • Also, if the adaptation maintains the pace it has been working at so far, it would make sense that with the 93rd chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga, we would reach the one-hour length of the Super Hero feature film. ?

Dragon Ball Super chapter 93 Again, no one should expect chapter 93 to leave us with completely crazy and unpredictable things, because the idea of this adaptation is to canonically introduce the events of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” in the manga (although they are already properly canon). If all goes well, it is likely that in the second half of 2023 we will have real news for the story of “Dragon Ball Super”, but until then, we will have to be patient and scrape what we can from the shades of Toyotaro and Toriyama.

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