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One Piece Chapter 1082: Between the search for Blackbeard's trust, Aokiji is powerless against Garp

One Piece Chapter 1082: Between the search for Blackbeard’s trust, Aokiji is powerless against Garp

One piece chapter 1082 When the story of One Piece was discussed, the battle between the teachers and the students took place on Hachinosu Island.

One piece chapter 1082 the battle on Hachinosu Island in this One Piece story seems to be full of emotion and theatrics from both sides.

The battle in question is between Garp and Aokiji on the island of Hachinosu.

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One piece chapter 1082 Garp vs Aokiji

However, in chapter 1081, Garp was seen beating Aokiji to get him to go away.

However, the spoilers of One piece chapter 1082 predict that Aokiji will make a comeback and attack Garp again.

Since Aokiji is a user of the demon fruit Logia, he can easily avoid Garp’s blows.

But Aokiji will certainly not underestimate Garp, who is his master.

Because Aokiji already knows the great power of Garp, he will not be reckless against Garp.

However, the battle between the teacher and the student leaves Garp with a dilemma.

Garp himself felt a dilemma after remembering the past with Aokiji, where they both went through many events in the One Piece world.

Aokiji immediately took advantage of the situation to attack Garp.

Aokiji dared to attack Garp because he was assigned a mission by Blackbeard.

Aokiji immediately attacked Garp with his strength.

Unfortunately, Aokiji’s attack was repelled by the members of the sword.

Seeing this, Aokiji said that Garp had never failed to train his students.

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