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KINGDOM CHAPTER 784 - Shibasho has fallen into the trap of… OUSEN?

KINGDOM CHAPTER 784 – Shibasho has fallen into the trap of… OUSEN?

an in-depth analysis of chapter 783 of the manga “Kingdom“, while preparing the theories for chapter 784. Chapter 783 is described as having a very significant title – “Childish Movement”, reflecting the simplicity yet effectiveness of the strategy employed. The presenter points out that, despite the apparent simplicity, Riboku’s strategy is not to be underestimated. Attention then turns to the character of Shibasho, and how he might be involved in a trap set by Ousen, another genius strategist.

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The presenter also discusses the various strategic maneuvers in the manga, such as Hen sending troops to Aku and Shibasho’s potential moves. He raises the question of whether Hen and Riboku, both high-level strategists, might have similar plans. The video also looks at the martial and strategic aspects of these characters, suggesting that confrontations between them could be crucial in future chapters.

Finally, the presenter expresses his dissatisfaction with some of the characters’ actions, such as those of the Ichine unit, which he describes as disappointingly unstrategic. He concludes by discussing the possibilities for future chapters, with a particular focus on the tactics and strategies the characters might employ.

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