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One piece MARY GEOISE the year 2024 kicked off with a bang in the world of One Piece, notably thanks to Kuma’s legendary arrival on Egghead to save his daughter.

This chapter promises an exciting year for fans of the series. What’s more, J. Garcia Saturn, the god of this world, has made some intriguing revelations about the experiments carried out on Marie Joise, sparking numerous theories among fans. In this article, we’ll explore these revelations and delve into the mysteries surrounding the characters and powers of One Piece.

A Return to the Present MARY GEOISE

MARY GEOISE After an emotionally intense flashback to Kuma’s life, the chapter takes us back to the present. Bonney, who has discovered the truth about her father, reconciles with Vegapunk, the scientist she had previously wanted to kill. This scene highlights Bonney maturity in forgiving and acknowledging her mistakes, despite the psychological pain she has endured.

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Bonney Mysterious Necklace

Vegapunk presents Bonney with a necklace featuring a sapphire heart surrounded by nine points representing the sun. The jewel raises questions about its origin and significance. It could be linked to the history of the Buccaneers, a tribe associated with Nika, the sun god mentioned later in the chapter. The necklace could also have mystical properties, reinforcing its link with the ancient history of One Piece.

The Secrets of Bonney Demon Fruit

The most disturbing revelations concern Bonney demon fruit. Saturn reveals that it was he who conducted experiments on Bonney mother, Jenny, with the aim of infusing a newborn baby with the powers of demon fruit without making them eat it. This experiment led to Sapphire Scale Disease, which Bonney inherited. However, the chapter raises questions about the true nature of Bonney fruit.

Bonney Demon Fruit: Toshi Toshi no Mi or Modo Modo no Mi ?

Mary goise Saturn never mentions the name of Bonneyfruit, leaving doubt as to its nature. While Bonnie was considered to possess the demon fruit of age (Toshi Toshi no Mi), Saturn describes its powers as the ability to transform into a state corresponding to a possible future. This contradiction suggests that Bonney fruit could actually be the fruit of the future (Modo Modo no Mi,). The fact that the Toshi Toshi no Mi possess the Toshi Toshi no Mi adds further mystery to the nature of Bonney fruit.

A combination of two demon fruits?

An interesting theory is that Saturn has succeeded in fusing the properties of the Toshi Toshi no Mi and the Modo Modo no Mi to create a unique demon fruit. This hypothesis would explain Bonneyextensive powers, resulting from the combination of two different fruits. Saturn would thus have broken the golden rule according to which a person may not consume more than one demon fruit. This revelation raises many questions about the Toshi Toshi no Mi experiments and the extent of their knowledge of demon fruits.

In conclusion, One Piece’s 2024 chapter brought disturbing revelations about demon fruit, the experiments carried out on Marie Joise and Bonney true power. Fans can’t wait to discover further developments in this complex and mysterious plot.

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