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Mashle: When will the second part of season 1 of the anime be released?

Mashle: When will the second part of season 1 of the anime be released?

The “Mashle” anime was announced at the time as a production that would begin with a first season divided into 2 distinct parts. Today, the first part is very close to its conclusion, which logically begs the question: when is the second part of the first season of “Mashle” anime due to air? Well, a leak now gives us that broadcast window, and the truth is we’ll have to wait longer than I thought.

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The second part of the Mashle anime will be published this month.

It was insider @oecuf0 who revealed when the sequel to the first part of the anime will air:

  • The insider has therefore advanced that Part 2 of Mashle’s first season will premiere in January 2024. ????
  • If I’m honest, I’m quite surprised by this decision, mainly because it leaves more time between the two than for other productions.
  • The question of splitting an anime into 2 parts is not at all uncommon, but the usual thing is that there is a three-month break between one part and the other. In other words, with Part 1 of the Mashle anime ending with the arrival of the summer term, it was expected that the anime would continue from October 2023. However, this wait means a 6-month gap, which, as I say, is rare for anime seasons divided into 2 parts.
  • Considering that the first part of the Mashle anime seems to run from chapters 35-36 of the manga, it seems clear that the first season in its entirety will run to around chapter 70. With a total of 162 manga chapters, the first season of the anime aims to fall just under halfway through the story.

I’d also like to point out that today it was announced that “Mashle” has a new anime project in production… but it’s not clear whether this is something completely new or whether, on the other hand, it’s the second part of the first season. To be honest, it’s a strange decision to make such an announcement, as we already knew there would be two parts, so there’s no need to give this touch of “mystery” to the matter. In any case, it looks as though we’ll have to wait a little while for some clarification on Part 2.

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