Dragon Ball super Piccolo's latest act that alarmed anime fans

Dragon Ball super Piccolo’s latest act that alarmed anime fans

The “Dragon Ball super” anime is… something that makes us all lose our heads. Too many years have passed since the end of Tournament of Power, only to enjoy a couple of movies that, while we’ve enjoyed them to their heart’s content, don’t, in my opinion, make up for the wasteland the franchise has become. That’s why today, everything is under the microscope, including the latest tweet from Toshio Furukawa, the veteran Japanese actor who plays Piccolo.

Does the new Dragon ball super anime seem to be getting closer?

Here’s the tweet from Furukawa-san that activated the reception antenna of more than one “Dragon Ball super” fan:

And now, let’s calmly comment on the tweet and the implications it might have:

  • First of all dragon ball super, it should be stated that the project for which Piccolo has finished filming “certain content” is completely unknown. However, there are possibilities to be assessed.
  • Obviously, what everyone would like is for this to be linked to the Dragon Ball super anime, and more specifically to this web spin-off, theoretically scheduled to premiere in 2024. While it’s worth considering, it seems too early for a project still months away from release, although we shouldn’t rule out a trailer or similar either.
  • Other anime to consider are One Piece, where Furukawa-san plays Ace, and Kinnikuman (he voiced Suguru Kinniku in 2002 and 2006). In the former case, this seems unlikely given that Ace is not expected to appear in the next few weeks of the One Piece anime, while Kinnikuman seems more likely given that a new anime in the franchise was announced a few months ago.
  • The actor has obviously taken and is taking part in many other anime, but none of his current roles seem important enough to communicate something like this via Twitter.

I also note that in Toshio Furukawa-san’s tweet, we can find two anime insiders in the form of Oecuf and SupaChronicles in the replies, so whatever project this ultimately is, it’s likely to make some noise in the anime industry. What’s more, although Furukawa-san is very active on his Twitter account, it seems that project completion announcements don’t come along very often, so even if this is a long-term project, it’s worth keeping an eye on.