My Hero Academia Chapter 391, For his kindness, Shoto will give up the fight

My Hero Academia Chapter 391, For his kindness, Shoto will give up the fight

My Hero Academia chapter 391, fans saw Shoto Todoroki completely unconscious with no sign of life.

Although he’s undoubtedly alive, given that he appears to have collapsed from exhaustion rather than injury or blood loss, fans took this as confirmation that he wouldn’t be returning to the fight.

It’s quite logical, though disappointing for some, given everything Shoto has endured in this war.

My Hero Academia Chapter 391

He was now using what was considered his ultimate move twice in a very short space of time, and was pushing himself to his absolute limits beyond the use of this ultimate move.

My Hero Academia Chapter 391 add to that the emotional upheaval he’d experienced so far, and his body was probably going to die on its own from the stress he was under.

Nor is it a bad choice on Horikoshi’s part, even if chapter 391 of My Hero Academia is a symbol of why mangakas should take long breaks.

My Hero Academia Chapter 391 by asking Shoto to remain silent to remember the last war arc, he emphasizes that the narrative of the Todoroki family’s drama is at least temporarily blocked, while reinforcing the fact that Shoto’s work is done.

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What’s more, it guarantees that Shoto will no longer be threatened by the villains he and the other Pro Heroes are fighting.

As he and the Todoroki family are relatively far from the current battlefield, their safety is assured.

If Uraraka was able to stop the Toga Twice clone, then it was almost certain that the group would be spared.

Chapter 391 of My Hero Academia establishing that Shoto will probably get away with it for good, also allows fans to focus on more pressing issues and storylines.

Uraraka vs. Toga, All Might vs. All For One, and Bakugo vs. Death are all important battles and storylines still unfolding in the final arc that deserve fans’ full attention.