Release date Black Clover Chapter 362

Release date Black Clover Chapter 362

Black Clover Chapter 362: what can we expect from the next chapter?

Illustrated by Tabata Yuuki, the Black Clover series is a manga of action, comedy, science fiction and fantasy.

The manga series follows the story of two children, Aster and Yuno, who are abandoned in a church and vow to stay together no matter what. But as they grow up, one of them acquires magical powers, while the other does not. And so the story continues as the two compete to become the next Witch Emperor.

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In this chapter, we’ll try to go into more detail about the next chapter 362 in your favorite series. We’ll also discuss the expected plot of this chapter. So let’s get started.

When will Black Clover Chapter 362 be released?

Get ready, dear friends. You’ll all be happy to know that your favorite and special series is about to publish a new chapter for all of you. Yes, you read that right. The chapter is scheduled for release on June 18, 2023.

Black Clover Chapter 362, entitled “Transmission”, a series of shocking events unfold in the Kingdom of Clover. The chapter begins with the King of the Kingdom of Clover feeling terrified as the heavens and earth tremble, a sign of a major disturbance. In the midst of the chaos, one of Lucy’s clones unleashes immense power, overpowering Captain Kaiser and revealing the true face of the enemy. The citizens see their former Witch-King, Julius, at the head of the enemy forces, shattering their confidence and plunging the kingdom into despair.

Black Clover Chapter 362 unveiling the enemy

During the battle, the magic knights fight valiantly, but the invading armada proves too powerful. The citizens of the Kingdom of Clover, whatever their status, feel the imminent threat of death. However, in the midst of this despair, Marx, using his communication magic, appears throughout the kingdom, addressing the citizens and revealing the truth about the possessed Witch-King.

Black Clover Chapter 362 Yuno’s heroic efforts

Marx informs the people that, despite the dire circumstances, individuals are risking their lives to protect the country. He highlights Yuno’s fight against the clones and her previous victory over the Witch-King. Mimosa takes over the show and emphasizes Yuno’s heroic efforts, revealing her links with the royal family and Golden Dawn. The citizens now recognize Yuno as a leader among the Magical Knights, fighting to protect them.