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One Piece 1107 WHERE IS ZORO?

One Piece 1107 WHERE IS ZORO?

One piece 1107 but one question we all ask ourselves is: where the hell is Zoro? What is Zoro doing right now? Is he really having huge problems against Rob Lucci? What role does Zoro play in this incident and what surprise could he potentially have in store for us?

The current scenario: the fight against Rob Lucci seems worrying for some. We’re going to look at this fight in detail today, going over all the details of how this fight should go and what role Oda has intended for Zoro.

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One piece 1107, where is Zoro?

Because I believe that Zoro will play the role of the one who appears at the last minute to save the day for Luffy or his companions. We know there are big parallels to the narrative filler technique with Kuma, etc., and who ultimately also saved Luffy and the Straw Hat crew, with a little help from Sanji, was Zoro .

One piece 1107 And maybe we’ll get a parallel here to what is probably one of Zoro’s most epic moments, where he said nothing happened. But most importantly, the connection to Kuma and the narrative structure that the two had, not only at the time on Thriller Bark, but it also continued on the Sabaody Archipelago with the rescue of Kuma, and then, well sure, when Zoro landed at Mihawk’s house. Zoro knows very well that he owes Kuma a lot, and personally, I am convinced that Zoro wants to repay this debt.

So I believe that Oda is keeping Zoro in reserve for the moment, to have him appear at the opportune moment to potentially save Kuma, save Bonney, save the Straw Hats crew or the whole group, because Zoro is someone who, in terms of strength, is capable of it and could of course start with a very unexpected surprise attack. Zoro is therefore, among others, the Straw Hat who gets serious much more quickly and pulls out absolutely everything he has.

Le ComeBack de Zoro One piece 1107

One piece 1107 I believe Zoro’s current location, because he has been fighting Rob Lucci for so long, is just a stylistic device of Oda, just as it was probably a stylistic device of Oda as Luffy ate everything the time, even if it didn’t really need it in the past, to obviously set up certain plot points narratively so that, at the moment of the moments, we can draw out this character. Because let’s be honest, and I think most of you are on my side, Rob Lucci should actually have no chance against Zoro, because, and this is important, we have some data on which we can somewhat evaluate this.

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One piece 1107 If we look at Rob Lucci’s strength within himself and what he has probably accomplished and done, then his strength development, of course, was able to progress through awakening, of course. The question is though, is this awakening an 0815 power upgrade, as I call it now, because he didn’t get any extra special abilities, maybe he has better durability, better regeneration, etc., but he did not gain any additional special abilities.

One piece 1107 Is this awakening alone a power upgrade so huge that this power upgrade could put all possible evolutions of Zoro into the shadows? I mean, Rob Lucci might have improved a bit in terms of Haki over the last couple of years, but personally I have to say, we all know how it goes with Haki, it takes big feats, intense fights, and Rob Lucci, at this point, can’t really show that much.

This means that Rob Lucci before the two years and Rob Lucci today with his Haki, etc., with his awakening, probably made a good leap forward, but not a significant leap that could be dangerous for a Zoro or a Luffy .

One piece 1107 because if we compare them in terms of strength, in terms of training, in terms of what they’ve been through, if we just look at Zoro, he trained for two years at Mihawk, which means that just In these two years of Eclipse, Zoro has developed much more than Rob Lucci could have.

This means that for the development between Rob Lucci and Zoro over these two years of Eclipse to have been identical, Rob Lucci theoretically would have had to train with Shanks, or perhaps with one of the Gorosei, which is very unlikely, or at Im himself, because there is no coach or training partner or I would say training unit over two years who are as intensely adapted as for example a Mihawk and Zoro in a team.

One piece 1107 then, Kaku was clearly below Rob Lucci, but I think with Zoro’s current point of view, what he has accomplished currently, above all, we must not forget what happened on Wano Kuni, Zoro’s power after the Eclipse was already quite exaggerated, he was able to hurt Kaido, pre-advanced the King’s Haki, so he was able to hurt Kaido with his normal Haki, which is not insignificant, he repelled and tanked a joint attack from Kaido and Big Mom on the roof, sure, all his bones were broken afterwards, but he survived it all, and in the later fight against King, when Zoro then discovered the Haki of the advanced king for himself and also used it, he one-shot King.

One piece 1107 This is a fact that cannot be ignored, he then one-shotted his opponent with his power upgrade and developed immensely in terms of Haki. Now one thing fundamentally bothered me about Elbaf, that Luffy and also Zoro, already back then against the Seraphim, etc.

One piece 1107 now also in the current course, do not use advanced King’s Haki, and it is important to mention here that the big Haki flashes that you saw, for example, in Luffy vs Kizaru, are not a confirmation for Advanced King’s Haki, because even normal Haki attacks, stronger Haki attacks, advanced Armor Haki attacks are also shown with big black Haki lightning, whether one uses Advanced King’s Haki can only be determined at two points, either it does not hit the opponent, or it is explicitly mentioned in text form

and this is exactly the moment that I have been waiting for since the beginning of Elbaf, that we are now really using the advanced King’s Haki and showing it too, because I am convinced that Oda is using this non-contact as an introductory means or as a stylistic means to show that now the Advanced King’s Haki is used, as it was also the case during the fight against Kaido, at first they did not touch each other, then during the fight they are hit again, and also in Zoro it’s a little different because he’s a swordsman and he also fights with ranged attacks etc.

One piece 1107 but this introductory stylistic means that now the advanced king’s Haki is used, it will most likely come, and personally, I am completely of the opinion that if Zoro really takes things seriously, then he can, I find personally, with an attack of advanced king’s Haki, one-shot Rob Lucci, because if we look at the fight Rob Lucci against Luffy, then he didn’t have the slightest chance, Luffy trolled and still beat him flat couture, he really didn’t stand a chance.

you need to rewatch this fight if this concerns assessing Rob Lucci’s real chances here, sure Rob Lucci pulled one or two low blows, but in direct comparison to Luffy he had no chance, and Zoro is admittedly weaker than Luffy, but he’s not 100 levels below Luffy, Zoro is pretty close to Luffy, so personally I’m just of the opinion that Oda is keeping Zoro in reserve for a key moment when Zoro will appear at the last minute to help the Straw Hats, well I wouldn’t be surprised, we currently have Jinbe who has gone looking for Zoro so he doesn’t get lost, and maybe he already got lost and is somewhere in nothingness, it is of course entirely possible,

but personally, I believe that Zoro still plays a very big role in this incident, just because of the connection to Kuma, the special relationship of these two makes this, I think, something very special, and I believe that the debt Zoro wants to repay, he will also repay, because after all, we are dealing with Saturn and Kizaru, and perhaps one or the other who could appear later, and even today, this fight is not yet won, this means that there can always be something happening in the meantime,

but I believe Zoro will definitely be kept warm by Oda to really appear at the perfect time, maybe we will have a parallel to Thriller Bark here, you remember when Kuma just wanted to pick up Luffy and then Zoro came with his Shusui , maybe we’ll see that here but with Saturn I would celebrate to the fullest, so people, write me your thoughts on Zoro’s current situation in the comments.


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