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One Piece Chapter 1079, Revealed How York Manipulated The Data Synchronization Process In Punk Record

In One Piece Chapter 1079York will probably reveal a way to manipulate the data synchronization process in Punk Record.

It turns out that York has created a clone of herself and that the one synchronizing the brain data is a clone of York.

Thus, the plan devised by the real York is safe and unknown to the other clones of Dr. Vegapunk and the real Dr. Vegapunk.

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One Piece Chapter 1079 the real York is safe

One Piece 1079, revealed how York manipulated the data synchronization process in Punk Record

One Piece Chapter 1079 Meanwhile, York’s clone turned to stone with the power of Seraphim S-Snack’s demon fruit Mero Mero no Mi.

The real Dr. Vegapunk seems surprised by York’s confession, he did not expect to be betrayed by one of his clones.

After this, York prepared to carry out his mission, which was to eliminate the real Dr. Vegapunk. York points his gun at Dr. Vegapunk.

But before the shot was fired, Robin had already arrived at the scene, and he immediately raised several hands to block York’s shot.

One Piece Chapter 1079, revealed how York manipulated the data synchronization process in Punk Record 3 One piece chapter 1079 vegapunk

York was surprised that someone would thwart his plan. However, York still had a backup plan: he had prepared Seraphim S-Snack.

Seraphim S-Snack immediately launched a laser attack on Robin, but Robin dodged it and York was able to escape Robin’s grip.

One Piece Chapter 1079 Shin then turned to Nami’s team. It turned out that S-Hawk had chosen Namin’s team as a weak target to attack.

One Piece Chapter 1079 the real York is safe

S-Hawk immediately launched a powerful attack towards Edison and Nami. Sanji was worried, he didn’t have time to block the attack because he was still struggling with S-Shark.

But fortunately, Brook had regained his original body, and it was he who resisted S-Hawk’s attack, and then there was a fight between Brook and S-Hawk.

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