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One piece chapter 1081 FINALLY THE REVELATION… !

One piece chapter 1081 FINALLY THE REVELATION… !

One piece chapter 1081 brings some interesting developments. First of all, it is confirmed that Blackbeard won against Law, which is not a surprise for many fans. We also learn that Beppo and the rest of the crew were defeated by Law, but that they are all still alive. We still don’t know what Blackbeard has in store for them, but it’s a relief to know they’re still alive.

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One piece chapter 1081 The fate of Law

One piece chapter 1081 The fate of Law

It is believed that Blackbeard used his dark fruit to defeat Law, but we probably won’t know exactly how he did it. There are also unconfirmed rumors that Blackbeard was accompanied by some people, including Pudding, but this has yet to be confirmed.

The chapter also focuses on Aokiji and his fight against Gab. Aokiji, is an interesting personality and we may get some insights into his past. The fight between Aokiji and Gab is another highlight of the chapter.

One piece chapter 1081 Aokiji

One piece chapter 1081 Aokiji

Overall, chapter 1081 of One Piece offers exciting developments and will certainly satisfy the fans. However, we will have to wait a week for the next chapter, as a Golden Week is taking place in Japan. But in the meantime, we can look forward to the revelations and fights to come.

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