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One piece Episode 1059 - "Zoro in adversity Monstrous King the fire!"

One piece Episode 1059 – “Zoro in adversity Monstrous King the fire!”

One piece Episode 1059 Zoro is defenseless against King’s unheard of attacks, Zoro tries to fight back,
Zoro tries to fight back, without much success, while Enma suddenly sucks up his Fluid. In this hell with no apparent way out, will Zoro say goodbye to his dream of being the best swordsman?

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One Piece Episode 1059 Preview

The fight between Zoro and King has been highly anticipated by One Piece fans, as both characters are considered to be very powerful and talented in the art of swordsmanship. However, to date, there has been no official fight between the two characters in the anime series.

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