One Piece Chapter 1083 the power of the revolutionary commander the arrival of Karasu and a special guest

One Piece Chapter 1083 the power of the revolutionary commander the arrival of Karasu and a special guest

One Piece Chapter 1083, shows a flashback that takes place over a month ago.

The location is in the home of Mary Geoise’s Holy Land Gods shortly after the beginning of Reverie.

Panic broke out at Mary Geoise as the revolutionary army made a scene there by destroying several buildings in the land of the gods.

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One Piece Chapter 1083 Mary Geoise

Many celestial dragons came out of their homes and screamed away from the collapsing buildings and the smoke that surrounded their sacred land.

One Piece Chapter 1083 Some shouted “they attacked the house of the gods, get out of here and help us, can’t you see that they blew up the building, the intruders are part of the revolutionary army, we are under attack, they are the 4 captains”.

One of the Tenryuubito said, “This is too much, first they attacked our favorite symbol and now these soldiers took our delicious food, does the jealousy of these pests know no bounds, I don’t even want to keep the head, throw it away right now”.

The mothers of Tenryuubito also shouted, “After all this, call all these horrible guards and execute them all, these people let it happen”.

One Piece Chapter 1083 On the other hand, one of the Tenryuubito is shown trying to escape the smoke by sitting on one of the slaves.

Tenryuubito said: “You snail, I told you to hurry up, what are you going to do if something happens to me, okay, that’s enough, I’ll walk by myself, you useless piece of garbage”.

While Tenryuubito wanted to shoot the slave, the weapon he was holding was suddenly stolen by a bird that passed by them.

It turns out that the bird has a master, Karasu, the main commander of the revolutionary army.

One Piece Chapter 1083 Karasu uses one of his techniques called Chrowing Shoot, and the raven he created can talk.

The bird was seen telling the slave to run to the east of the city.

One Piece Chapter 1083 Karasu uses one of his techniques called Chrowing Shoot

Tenryuubito’s men tried to shoot at Karasu, but their bullets pierced Karasu’s body.

They said to themselves “let’s save our master, let’s kill this scum with bullets, let’s blow him up until there is nothing left”.

But once again, the bullets could not penetrate Karasu’s body, Karasu’s body became like a black smoke, then enveloped the feet of Tenryuubito’s men.

Suddenly, Karasu launched a technique called Obelisoot, this technique destroyed all the troops by using again the black smoke which had now the shape of a sharp sword raining on the bodies of the kroco.

Meanwhile, on the other side, another revolutionary soldier, Southern Commander Lindbergh, saw the explosion created by Karasu earlier.

Suddenly, Karasu’s raven reappeared and approached Lindbergh, this bird told him that they were going to head here, hurry up and free everyone now, let me do it.

Back to Karasu’s position, this time he had a special guest, who came to fight with him, this person was Admiral Fujitora.

One piece chapter 1083 Doflamigo

Karasu started his attack by flooding Fujitora with a large number of crows with a technique called “Crow Renkon”.

Then Lindbergh, in accordance with Karasu’s request, also freed the slaves and prisoners who had been tortured by the sky dragons.

Another battle is then shown, led by the Western commander of the revolutionary army, Morley. He confronts one of the admirals, Aramaki.

Morley’s face looked very relaxed in front of the Admiral in front of him, Morley said “astagah this kid likes to play rough”.

Aramaki said “you are the one who destroyed this city”. The effects of their fight against the shaking of the city left some Tenryuubito injured.

Some of the Tenryuubito protested because the effects of their fight destroyed the city and left many Tenryuubito injured.

Aramaki thought for a long time and said “it is impossible to fight in this place, so I will find a way out of here”.

One piece chapter 1083 Monkey D. Dragon Speaks Of The Divine Knights

One piece chapter 1083 Monkey D. Dragon Speaks Of The Divine Knights

Meanwhile, Fujitora was trying to fight Karasu using the meteorite summoning technique, but this might cause a disaster and further damage the sacred land of Marie-Geoise.

From a distance, a group of familiar people, the members of CP9, were watching the battle between the revolutionary commanders and the two admirals.

They said “there are two admirals here, if we are anywhere but in this house of the gods, that’s enough power to turn this war toy anywhere”.

After that, we saw that Karasu talked to Sabo, he said “you don’t have the key to the place yet”. Sabo answered: “I just found out where they keep it, I don’t have it for long”.

Sabo said again “I just saw a stupid father and son, they must still want to take revenge for what we heard in the open in front of the palace, he gave up on getting Shirahosi, I won’t forgive them for using Kuma-san like this, we won’t let them get away with it, Morley make sure everything is ready”.

Then, in another place, Rob Lucci is with Vivi. Vivi tells him, “You can go, I prefer Vice Admiral Garp’s help”.

One piece chapter 1083Rob Lucci replied, “It’s okay, I’ll take care of you”. Vivi then got angry and said “Is this like taking care of Shirahosi, that monster must be back to go after that woman again”.

One Piece chapter 1083 ends by showing King Cobra who wants to meet the five Gorosei. One of the doormen tells him that only King Cobra is allowed to meet the Gorosei.

King Cobra then asks Pell and Shaka not to wait for him outside, as it would take a long time and be boring. King Cobra orders them to use the time they both spend watching Vivi’s location.

One Piece chapter 1083 ends with the words of King Cobra: “My daughter has always been a mischievous person, you must never let her out of your sight, even for a moment”.