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One Piece chapter 1084 Who is Karasu? Here are his abilities with the powerful Soot Soot fruit.

One Piece chapter 1084 Who is Karasu? Here are his abilities with the powerful Soot Soot fruit.

One Piece chapter 1084 Karasu Eiichiro Oda is one of those mangakas who constantly introduce new characters in their works. One Piece has hundreds of individuals who play a secondary role in the plot, but from time to time, some of them manage to become a trend thanks to the fact that they suddenly acquire a particular importance in the plot, their design or the theories of the fans. This is what happens.

Who is Karasu and why do we need to know? The truth is that this character has been creating a buzz among One Piece readers since his reappearance in chapter 1083 (which was leaked a few hours ago). In response to this viralization, I think it’s worth reviewing all the information we have about him, as well as the powers of his awesome Devil Fruit.

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One piece chapter 1084 Who is Karasu?

  • Karasu made his first appearance in chapter 904 of the manga and 880 of the One Piece? anime.
  • He was introduced as one of the four commanders of the Revolutionary Army led by Monkey D. Dragon, specifically the Northern Army.
  • He is a burly man who stands 2.65 meters tall and has an appearance reminiscent of a raven (karasu is Japanese for crow)?⬛
  • His beak-shaped mask acts as a speaker and is very reminiscent of the one worn by Overhaul, one of the villains in My Hero Academia?.
  • He usually speaks in mumbles and cannot be understood unless he makes use of such a device, and when someone complains that he is inaudible he tends to get angry?

What does the demon fruit look like?

  • This soldier of the Revolutionary Army possesses the abilities of the Soot Soot fruit ???
  • That means he can manipulate and control soot (soot means just that in English)?⬛ at his whim.
  • Karasu’s most striking power is the one that allows him to turn his clothes into soot crows that can speak and even transport people
  • Then he can also perform various lethal attacks by giving his soot masses sharp, elongated shapes?
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