One Piece Chapter 1085, Eiichiro Oda reveals the mystery and the heritage of the D clan

One Piece Chapter 1085, Eiichiro Oda reveals the mystery and the heritage of the D clan

One Piece Chapter 1085, the D clan is a mystery as thick as One Piece itself. Many characters in the series have the initials D. in the middle of their name, and not all are related by blood, especially the Monkey Family, Marshall D Teach, Rocks D Xebec and Jaguar D Saul.

Although some of the actors in the series know the story and the relevance of the originals, it is kept secret from the fans, with only brief explanations and subtle hints.

One Piece Chapter 1085 Many theories speculate as to the reason for the common initials, Clan D, and the Will of D. However, some theories take into account various aspects of One Piece’s themes, the driving force of Monkey D. Luffy throughout the series, and the fact that the characters in One Piece are not the same as those in the series. Luffy throughout the series, and the idea of order versus chaos, which seems to factor into Blackbeard’s agenda.

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One Piece Chapter 1085 the legacy of the D clan

It is believed that the initials D. represent a group of people from the forgotten century who opposed the Celestial Dragon or the powers that be at the time, and that their importance comes from their status as slaves.

One Piece Chapter 1085 The subtle shadow of the D clan’s heritage

One Piece Chapter 1085 It is possible that Eiichiro Oda used D. to mean the Japanese word for “slave” (奴隷, dorei ).

This means that the holders of G-d’s Will constantly carry reminders of their ancestors of old, to remind them to fight tirelessly for freedom.

One Piece Chapter 1085 During the Forgotten Century, the slaves rebelled against the World Government and became enemies of the Gods. This idea would explain why the World Government was so suspicious of the clans.

He tied them up, but they proved too strong to be restrained and broke their chains. The D’s will never forget the fight for freedom, even 800 years later.

This would also explain the fact that the D.’s are not attributed to a particular family, or even to characters who are distant from each other.

Dorei was the name of those who were enslaved, and the clan spread very widely after freeing itself from the world government, which it may have even brought to its knees during the forgotten century.

Years passed, but the Will of D remained in those who had found freedom. Although the story of how they achieved this is lost, perhaps to be found in Laugh Tale, their Ds continue to guide those who possess them to the conclusion of One Piece.

Why the governments of the world are suspicious of Clan D
Naturally, those who know the weaknesses or have the ability to bring freedom to the world are the enemies of ruthless governments. Anyone with the initials D. instantly becomes a threat to their regime.

Like Spartacus who, cornered in Rome, rallied thousands to his cause, those who were once slaves show that the world government is capable of failing in its total control and power.

However, the inclusion of characters who side with the World Government, such as Monkey D. Garp and Saul, shows that the idea of total freedom is not absolute among the Dorei.

This implies that the World Government is ready, or perhaps even prefers, to bring the Ds back into the fold.

Since the D. clan is probably older, if not more so, than many of the current Celestial Dragons, their place on the world stage could be more beneficial to the World Government than simply wiping them off the face of the earth. If they are considered enemies of the Gods, it seems they could also be their protectors.

Once the Straw Hats finally reach Laugh Tale and One Piece is revealed, the truth about Clan D will follow.

There is a reason why the clan is considered so dangerous in the eyes of the world government, but also a reason why they are not immediately killed when someone with a D. is born.

There is a reason why Garp was allowed to join the Navy and why Gol D. Roger was called Gold Roger. Their place in history is not as black and white as the enemies of the Celestial Dragon.