One Piece chapter 1085 in pause the manga is delayed

One Piece chapter 1085 in pause the manga is delayed

One Piece chapter 1085 Eiichiro Oda changes his usual publication schedule in favor of publishing large chapters.

The story of One Piece has become really interesting with the development of the Egghead arc, which is currently only available in the manga. Eiichiro Oda has started the last saga of his flagship work with style, offering excellent chapters in which the most appreciated secondary characters shine as never before, but this also has its “drawbacks”.

Oda-sensei has to produce about 20 pages per week to appear in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine issues which are published every Sunday, and to meet the deadline, he has to work at an inhuman pace. That’s why the author is starting to take more breaks to prepare properly the new chapters of One Piece, and that’s why next week he will make another short break.

One Piece Chapter 1085 Delayed

  • This Sunday, the 1084th chapter of One Piece will be released worldwide, but we will have to wait longer than expected to enjoy the next⌛.
  • According to the WSJ_manga account, the one that specializes in correctly leaking the main news of the works published in Weekly Shonen Jump, One Piece will be taking a surprise break❗.
  • Chapter 1085, which was scheduled for May 28, will not be available until June 4?.
  • Does this imply that the episode will be particularly good? Well, based on previous cases, chances are it will be✅❓.

As far as this week’s episode is concerned, I have to warn you about one thing in particular. As expected, the first spoilers for episode 1084 are already appearing on social media and internet forums, so be very careful if you don’t want to spoil anything for yourself.