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One piece chapter 1085 - IM-Sama's BIGGEST SECRET

One piece chapter 1085 – IM-Sama’s BIGGEST SECRET

One piece chapter 1085, Im is currently the center of attention of the fans. It won’t be long before the big secret about his identity is revealed. Currently, there are many exciting theories and ideas about this mysterious boss on Mary Joe. In order to find out more, we have been looking into this subject and would like to present you the most interesting points here.

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One piece chapter 1085 im-sama : a great mystery

One piece chapter 1085 im-sama : a great mystery

One piece 1085 im-sama is a character surrounded by an aura of mystery. The question of when his true identity will be revealed is still open. is always special in the world of One Piece. It is well known that the figure of a character is often kept secret for a long time, as it was the case with Greenbull. It would be interesting to get d’Im as soon as possible in order not to be spoiled by the anime. However, an early revelation also carries the risk of losing the magic that surrounds Im.

One piece chapter 1085 The role of the anime im-sama in One piece

One piece chapter 1085 The role of the anime im-sama in One piece

The anime can sometimes anticipate certain information and often has an influence on the representation of the characters. It is precisely from the voice that the anime can draw conclusions about the sex and age of a character. To avoid answering these questions in advance, it would be desirable if the anime waited a little longer before revealing Im’s identity. That way, the aura of mystery surrounding Im remains intact.

One piece chapter 1085 The age of im-sama

One piece chapter 1085 The age of im-sama

Many theories assume that Im comes from the past centuries and is already very old. It is logical that the main antagonist has a link to the past at the end of the story and has been preparing for centuries. A theory of immortality is discussed, in which Im has already existed for centuries and is thus preparing for the final battle. There are several possibilities for Im to have achieved immortality, for example through the powers of the devil or other special abilities.

One piece 1085 The mysterious aura surrounding Im

The magic that surrounds Im will continue to play an important role after his identity is revealed. It will be interesting to see what he or she looks like and what secrets are still linked to the Face-Reveal. The aura of mystery that surrounds Im makes him or her a fascinating character. A too early revelation could take away the special tension around Im, so a later meeting with Ruffy or other characters would be desirable.

One piece 1085 The relationship between Im and Queen Lilly

One piece 1085 The relationship between Im and Queen Lilly

One piece 1085 The relationship between Im and Queen Lilly Viva is another big topic. It is speculated that Im knew Lilly and that there may be a connection between them. According to speculations, the sword in Im’s ghostly room would be the last one.

From the first panel of the Alabasta arc, Crocodile makes his appearance holding a lily in his hand. This flower, which he looks at lovingly, seems to have a special meaning. It is suggested that this lily has a long history and a connection to Lilly. Indeed, Imu’s ghostly room is also planted with lilies, indicating a deep symbolic meaning.

Crocodile and Lilly seem to share an intense and complicated past. The mention of a letter from Lilly in the possession of Cobra, the king of Alabasta, arouses great interest in Crocodile. This letter seems to have considerable importance, comparable to a treasure. It becomes clear that the two have a deep connection to each other that goes beyond purely professional motivations.

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