SPOILERS ONE PIECE 1099 the secret of kuma

Spoilers One Piece chapter 1099 the secret of kuma

One Piece chapter 1099, the plot intensifies as new revelations emerge. Kuma, the central protagonist, is at the heart of the action. Let’s discover the captivating details of this chapter and the implications for the future of the story.

The Return of King Bekori

The chapter kicks off with the return of King Bekori, who is seeking to regain control of the kingdom of Sorb. However, he has not come alone. He has secured the support of the Navy, revealing once again the dark nature of this organization and the World Government.

Kuma: The Tyrant

Kuma is at the heart of the plot, showing just how powerful he has become. He confronts the king and the Navy soldiers, establishing himself as the rightful king of the Sorbet kingdom. A surprising revelation is that Bonet possesses the age-related demon fruit “Toshitoshi,” and accidentally ate it.

The origin of the nickname “Tyrant

The chapter also reveals that Bekori survived a series of attacks and spread the rumor referring to Kuma as the “tyrant.” This information helps us understand the origin of this nickname.

Kuma: The Pacifista

Kuma has formed his own pirate crew and still bears the epithet of “tyrant.” In addition, a major revelation is that Dragon revealed to Kuma the location of Head Island, where Vega Punk is located. This connection is intriguing, as it shows that everything is connected to Dragon.

The origins of the Pacifistas

Kuma agreed to become the prototype for the Pacifistas, revealing the origins of the project. He sacrificed himself in exchange for Bonet’s recovery, demonstrating his loyalty to his crew.

The origin of the term “Pacifista

When Vegapunk modified Kuma, he claimed to be a “peace lover,” which led to the adoption of the term “Pacifista,” derived from “pacifist.”

The plot continues

The chapter ends on an intriguing note as Saturn, a mysterious figure, eavesdrops on the conversation. Theories and speculations about his role multiply.


Chapter 1099 of One Piece brings explosive revelations, notably about Kuma, the Pacifistas, and the machinations of the Navy and the World Government. The story continues to develop captivatingly, leaving fans eager for more.