One Piece chapter 1086 surprises fans by showing off one of Im’s monstrous abilities.

One Piece chapter 1086, one of the most predictable events that millions of users around the world have been eagerly awaiting, has taken place. Unfortunately for those who don’t want spoilers, and for those responsible for the manga, One Piece chapter 1085 has been leaked onto the Internet in the last few hours. And to top it all off, it turned out to be just as surprising as expected.

One Piece chapter 1086 eiichiro Oda has prepared several revelations that are causing quite a stir in the fandom. One of the most important is the clue the author has left as to the true powers of the Gorosei, who could be demon fruit users. However, attention should also focus on Im himself, a character who has also shown some of his monstrous abilities.

read:One Piece chapitre 1086 surprend les fans en montrant l’une des capacités monstrueuses d’Im.

One piece chapter 1086 First glimpse of Im’s power

One piece chapter 1086 First glimpse of Im's power
  • When Sabo enters the scene to save King Cobra, he takes the opportunity to throw one of his Fire Fists at Im, but Im “eats” the flames as if it were a normal thing to do??
  • Then it is shown how the shadow leader of the World Government transformed into some kind of oversized monster, does that shape remind you of anything ??.
  • Now there are many users who are linking Im to the giant Florian Triangle creatures that appeared at the end of the Thriller Bark arc (they have the same shape and the same red eyes)?
  • Another issue that is causing confusion is the black arrow that wounds Cobra and Sabo, it is unclear if that is another one of Im’s powers or if it is from one of the Gorosei➡ members.