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Dragon Ball Super: The manga shows the final battle against Gas and Black Freezer in color

Dragon Ball Super: The manga shows the final battle against Gas and Black Freezer in color

We’ll start with Black Freezer Dragon Ball Super had a completely frantic ending to the Granolah arc. Just as everything seemed to be over after an attack in which Goku, Vegeta and Gas had each done their part, the villain refused to die as if he were already some kind of zombie. But all that changed with the arrival of Freezer who, in a flash, annihilated Gas and knocked out Vegeta and Goku. Today, we can finally see most of this last part in color.

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Dragon Ball Super manga now has official colors for the end of the Granolah and Black Freezer arc

Let me remind you once again that in Japan there is a digital color edition of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga, which gradually reveals the different sections of the story with their respective palettes. Here’s what the last part of the fight against Gas looks like in color (via DBHype):

On this point, I leave you with a few comments that seem relevant to me:

  • First of all, that this is NOT the first time we see Black Freezer in color. These have been known for almost half a year now, when the beginning of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero arc showed Vegeta thinking about the great wall Freezer had now become with his new transformation ?.
  • On the other hand, once again there remains the question mark over the scene of Freezer impaling Gas, to a similar extent as it happened when Moro did it to Goku. what question mark? Well, the one of how we’ll see that when it eventually ends up being adapted as an anime, and it seems difficult that level of brutality is going to be maintained on Japanese television. ?
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