One Piece Chapter 1119 Spoilers: The Two Nika and Gorosei's Reactions
one piece 1119

One Piece Chapter 1119 Spoilers: The Two Nika and Gorosei’s Reactions

Are you craving more One Piece news? This Tuesday has been quite special, as we’ve received updates not only on the Netflix live-action adaptation but also on the manga itself. Insiders have just shared the first spoilers for One piece Chapter 1119, which delves into the concept of the two Nika and the Gorosei’s reactions to recent events. Let’s dive into the spoilers!

One piece Chapter 1119: Celebrations, Attacks, and Revelations

one piece 1119
one piece 1119

Here are some of the leaked details from One Piece Chapter 1119, courtesy of leaker Pewpiece and user SecretSauce2024:

  • The chapter begins with the Giants celebrating Luffy and Bonney’s Nika forms, while Marcus Mars dismisses Bonney’s transformation as a mere imitation.
  • Mars decides to attack, but Luffy transforms into a giant balloon, declaring that these “monsters” can easily recover. He suggests sending them far away.
  • Luffy, Bonney, Sanji, and Franky launch a combined attack, successfully distancing the enemies from the Gorosei’s Itsumade.
  • Meanwhile, the Iron Giant recovers alongside the Den Den Mushi, which resumes the broadcast and Vegapunk’s message.
  • Vegapunk mentions that “what has been inherited” can be called a will, hinting at the Will of D. We see reactions from Big Mom’s Pirates, Vivi, and Morgans.
  • Luffy charges at Ju Peter to halt his progress, while Warcury advances against the Elbaf Giants’ ship.

A Break and Concerns for Oda’s Health

one piece chapter 1119 1
one piece chapter 1119 1

Beyond the events in the chapter, the leaks also confirm two things: there will be a break next week, and once again, Oda-sensei has delivered a chapter with only 13 pages. Fans are growing concerned about the mangaka’s health and well-being.