Spoilers One Piece 1120: The Egg Head Incident! The Straw Hat Fleet!

Spoilers One Piece 1120: The Egg Head Incident! The Straw Hat Fleet!

One Piece 1120, everyone! I hope you’re doing well. Today, we’re diving into the spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1120. This chapter and its spoilers are essential, as we’ve received information from someone working with Oda’s editor. They’ve revealed that the Egghead Incident, which will shock the world and shake the entire One Piece universe, has not yet occurred.

One Piece 1120 The Egghead Incident: Not Yet Unfolded

Spoilers One Piece 1120: The Egg Head Incident! The Straw Hat Fleet!
Spoilers One Piece 1120: The Egg Head Incident! The Straw Hat Fleet! 1

The Egghead Incident is neither the arrival of the five elders nor Dr. Vegapunk’s message. It turns out that the main event of the Egghead arc has not yet taken place. This news has me incredibly hyped, as we won’t just have Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates’ escape to Elbaf. We should also witness the grand event that will shake the world.

Many people might think that this event is related to the Straw Hat Fleet, but I don’t believe so. However, the speculations are open. It won’t be about Blackbeard, as his storyline is already over, and he’s no longer on Egghead Island. It could be related to Dr. Vegapunk’s revelations or perhaps an element from the past, like Xebec’s body, which Vegapunk recovered and updated.

One Piece 1120 Clover’s Revelation

Spoilers One Piece 1120: The Egg Head Incident! The Straw Hat Fleet! 2

The chapter begins with an unexpected flashback. Even though I saw the “D” hint, I didn’t expect a new character to carry the “D” in their name. In a flashback between Vegapunk and Dr. Clover, Clover admits that he was a member of the D clan. This revelation brings us back to the present, where we don’t see much progress, but there are a few interesting things happening.

The Attack on the Robot One Piece 1120

The four elders attack the robot directly, causing it to lose an arm. The robot, once strong enough to send Wano’s finest flying, now seems weaker when facing the elders. Nami attacks the ship, and a character whose name I can’t remember counters her. If you remember, please let me know in the comments, as I know you read the spoilers too.

Dr. Vegapunk’s Revelation One Piece 1120

Dr. Vegapunk reveals that Roger knew the history of this world and its entirety. It’s unclear why he decides to share this information, but he does. He reveals that it’s Gold D. Roger, and the entire world realizes that there’s a “D” in Gold Roger’s name. This information might be useful for the One Piece world, but not for us as readers.

One Piece live action : Nami souhaite que John Cena rejoigne l’équipage des Pirates du Chapeau de Paille

The Mysterious Weapon

The robot declares that it’s time to use “it.” We don’t know what “it” is, leaving us with another cliffhanger from Oda. At the end of the chapter, people are stunned to learn about the “D” in Roger’s name. Oda continues to reveal information that, for us readers, isn’t new. The only thing keeping me patient is the confirmation from the editor that the event hasn’t happened yet.

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