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Release Date Berserk Chapter 373

Release date Berserk Chapter 373

Berserk Chapter 373 For many months, the manga “Berserk”, despite the death of its author Kentaro Miura, continues to offer new chapters to its fans. The dark story of Guts is moving forward, slowly, but it is moving forward. However, it must be said that this time there has been extremely positive news for fans of the franchise, since the release date of the 373rd chapter of the manga has been revealed and it should arrive soon.

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When Berserk Chapter 373 will be released

  • Here are the details collected by MangaMogura about the release of the new chapter of the manga “Berserk” :
  • As confirmed, it will be during May 26, 2023 that Berserk Chapter 373 will be officially released. ?
  • Like the rest of the content, the chapter in question will be published by Young Animal magazine. In this case, we’re talking about volume 11 of the magazine so far in fiscal year 2023. ?
When Berserk Chapter 373 will be released

Recall that the 372nd chapter of the Berserk manga comes out on April 26, so it’s actually a positive scenario that there isn’t even a month gap between the two releases. ?
Will this release pace be maintained for the next chapters of the Berserk manga? Most likely not, because after all it has been more than proven that this franchise needs its time to reach the proper quality standards that Kentarou Miura regularly provided back in the day. However, it’s good to know that every now and then Mori-sensei and Studio Gaga can provide TOP joys like these. ?

Berserk Chapter 373 the past few weeks have been full of positive news for “Berserk” fans. Recently, it was confirmed that the 42nd volume of the manga would be released in 2023, accompanied by a spectacular bust in the special edition box sets. For some reason, it seems that the publication of “Berserk” manga is currently in the best shape it has been in a long time, so it is better not to wonder why and just enjoy what is to come.

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