Release date Boruto chapter 81

Release date Boruto chapter 81

Boruto chapter 81 According to many reports, the manga series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will take a three-month break from August, when chapter 81 will be released.

Boruto chapter 81 Although the episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations have not yet been released internationally, the series has already become popular on social media due to leaked spoilers. However, following these leaks, a new rumor circulated online today suggesting that the Boruto manga would also take a break.

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Boruto chapter 81

The unfortunate news of a possible halt to monthly publications has begun to appear online as readers of the manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continue to deal with spoilers of the published chapter 80.

Boruto manga on hiatus for three months

Popular leaks Abdul_Zol2 and DBShype claim that the Boruto manga series will enter a new lull and stop being published in the coming months. I think Sarada Uchiha [is on the cover], according to DBShype. The most important news is that the Boruto manga is taking a break until July; the next chapter will be published in August.

Abdul_Zol2 confirmed this later, saying, “BREAKING: Boruto manga is taking a 3 month break!!! When the October issue of VJump is published in August 2023, the series will resume. So, August 20, 2023 has been reserved for the publication of Boruto chapter 81.

Fans should note that neither mangaka Masashi Kishimoto, nor the publisher Shueisha, nor the domestic distributors of V Jump, nor the external distributors have confirmed this information.

The side text of chapter 80, revealed by a spoiler leak, ends with the sentence “The Story Enters a New Chapter”, suggesting that the famous time jump could take place between chapters 80 and 81. However, this is currently just a fan idea.

However, some members of the fandom have been expecting a vacation for a while, especially after the animated adaptation announced its own break last month.

No return until August

Chapter 81 of Boruto will be delayed because the manga will be on hiatus for the next four months for unknown reasons and chapter 81 will be released on Monday, August 21, 2023 at 12:00 JST.