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One Piece lance une incroyable collaboration avec Burger King

One Piece Launches Incredible Collaboration With Burger King

With One Piece being one of the most popular franchises of all time in terms of entertainment, culture and entertainment, it is only natural that thousands of companies would want to set up collaborations to attract their customers. In recent months we’ve seen gyms, watches, jewelry and fashion chains use the image of Luffy et al to promote their products, and now it’s Burger King’s turn.

The eternal rival of McDonald’s has just launched a very special collaboration with One Piece that allows all fans of hamburgers, soft drinks and fries to feel like the pirate king while enjoying a good meal.

Here is the delicious collaboration between One Piece and Burger King.

  • Since yesterday, some menus dedicated to the One Piece anime ❗ are available in all points of sale Burger King and France.
  • The Luffy Menu includes a drink, fries and a special burger with grilled beef, barbecue sauce, fried onions and many other ingredients that would make the captain of the Mugiwara drool; and it comes with a limited edition white t-shirt 🍔.
  • The Sanji menu features a drink, fries and a burger made with 100% crispy chicken tenders, whole grain mustard sauce, melted onions and many other ingredients as refined as the disciple’s cuisine. Zeff; and it also comes with a limited edition black t-shirt!🍔.
  • For the occasion, Burger King also made their own Jolly Roger, the logo they would display on their flag if they were pirates of verdad🏴‍☠️.
  • And be careful because it doesn’t stop there, since little ones can get envelopes with One Piece trading cards if they order King Junior menus📗📕.
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