Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Arc Tenjiku 2024

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Arc Tenjiku 2024

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 As the last episode of the Tokyo Revengers sequel appeared on the screen, the official website of the series quickly announced the Tokyo Revengers Season 3. The first visuals of the new season have also been revealed.

In the next season, the plot will be in the continuity of the previous one. Here we see that Naoto quickly shoots a bullet at Mikey.

But the result of this action is fatal. The boy has blocked the natural course of events. Now the Takemichi must act again to put things back in order.

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Tokyo Revengers Season 3: Official announcement!

Just after the airing of the 12th episode, the next season, Tokyo Revengers Season 3, has been announced on the official website of the Tokyo Revengers manga.

The first visual of the new arc titled “Tenjiku Arc” was made public. At the same time, a brief summary of the arc was also shared with the fans. The visual represents the main villain of the story, Izana Kurokawa.

What story for this new arc?

Tenjiku Arc
Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Arc Tenjiku 2024 1

Entitled “Tenjiku Arc”, this is the third chapter of the story, dedicated to the villain Izana Kurokawa. According to the official synopsis of this arc, Takemichi Hanagaki will meet Manjiro Sano for the first time in years.

In one of the last scenes of season 2, Naoto finally kills Mikey. He was standing far away from them. That’s why he misunderstood the whole situation. To him, it seemed that Mikey was trying to kill Hanagaki.

That’s why he shot Mikey. By now, most of the leaders of the Tokyo Manji gang were dead. Therefore, no one was running the company.

In Tokyo Revengers Season 3, Takemichi will find a way to solve all these problems and try to rectify the situation by interfering with the past, present and future once again!

Tokyo Revengers Season 3: Release Date

Tenjiku Arc 1
Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Arc Tenjiku 2024 2

The visuals are the only information that landed on the internet along with the announcement. This means that the final release date has not yet been mentioned.

The first two seasons reached the floor in consecutive years, one after the other. Thus, the first months of 2024.