ONE PIECE CHAPTER 1080 is back with the latest chapter that has just been released, chapter 1080. In this chapter we will discuss the details of the entire conversation with some images that will add a visual impression to the story.

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Before we start, let’s say hello as usual. For those of you who are fasting, keep up the good work, may it always go well. Well, before we start, get the rudder of the sailboat ready and don’t forget all your gear for this trip, because we are going to sail into the territory of this extraordinary 1080 chapter review.

ONE PIECE CHAPTER 1080 A Legendary Hero

This chapter of One Piece 1080 is entitled “Legendary Hero”. In this chapter, we received a cover request from fans where Kawamatsu and Yuri are seen making origami in the shape of birds.

Chapter 1080 starts by showing Hachinosu Island which is a pirate island and the headquarters of Yonko Blackbird. Someone shouts there that Captain Koby has escaped. There we can see that there are some pirates who have heard the news and they are really happy and want to capture Koby that they will bring later to earn money with the Cross Wheel. They say that even if he escaped, he is not part of Admiral Kan. So how are we going to kill him? The other one said there would be no fight here, that Cross Build would pay for everything if we caught him.

ONE PIECE CHAPTER 1080 Koby’s wanted notice

Next, we see a specially designed Koby search notice from Cross Build, with 5 stars worth 500 million berries. According to them, captains usually get only one star, except Koby, who is special in the eyes of the world. Suddenly, the pirate island skull spoke for itself. He said that to my left was the place where slaves were kept before being sold. Well, they’re making a mad dash for escape. So, can we hunt what we want? Pizarro replied, “Don’t be stupid, you’re just a bunch of thugs. You will bring Koby back alive.

ONE PIECE CHAPTER 1080 Koby’s condition

Then we see the condition of Koby, who is trying to escape with the prisoners. He was chained with an iron ball attached to his leg. The other prisoners said that they would find us in the neighborhood if we managed to escape. However, their journey was not easy, they had to cross dense forests and turbulent rivers. They also had to escape prison guards and threats from wild animals. After a long struggle, they finally managed to escape and met the freedom fighters outside the prison.