Ace of the Diamond Act II to Have a Second Anime Season: The Best Baseball is Back!

Ace of the Diamond Act II to Have a Second Anime Season: The Best Baseball is Back!

The world of anime is known for creating stories in all sorts of contexts, and with baseball being so popular in Japan, it’s only natural that there’s a show that aims to celebrate this sport. In this regard, even if you’re not a fan, you’ve probably heard of the “Ace of the Diamond” franchise. Well, it’s time to put on your game uniforms, as a new anime season for “Ace of the Diamond Act II” has been announced!

Everything We Know About the Second Anime Season of Ace of the Diamond Act II

Here’s the information gathered by users like @WSM_manga or animetv-jp (which, as I mentioned, isn’t much so far):

  • Firstly, the only official confirmation regarding the return of the Ace of the Diamond Act II anime is that there will be a promised second season. When will it air? A good question, but with the announcement being made at this point, one can easily imagine that the premiere won’t happen until 2025. 😉
  • I also recall that the studio in charge of the Ace of the Diamond Act II anime is Madhouse, a team that recently worked on Frieren and is also committed to other shows like Trillion Game. Will they continue with Ace of the Diamond Act II? There’s no reason to think otherwise, but for now, that information is up in the air. 🤔
  • Similarly, I’d like to point out that the first anime season of Ace of the Diamond Act II covered up to chapter 169 of Yuji Terajima’s manga, located in volume 19 of the work. In total, the manga concluded with 34 volumes and over 300 chapters at its disposal, so as you can see, there should be enough material for this second anime season to also be around 50 episodes. 🤗

Yuji Terajima’s Illustration to Celebrate the Anime’s Second Season

As you can see, there are still many details up in the air regarding the return of the “Ace of the Diamond Act II” anime. However, with over four years having passed since the previous season ended, it’s clear that many will have received this news as a breath of fresh air. Now, all that’s left is to be patient and calmly await all the updates that are sure to come in the following months about the second anime season.

The author of the manga has celebrated the news with a completely new promotional illustration, which has undoubtedly added to the fans’ excitement. This announcement has brought a wave of joy and anticipation among the fans, who are eagerly waiting to witness the continuation of this epic baseball saga.

In conclusion, the return of “Ace of the Diamond Act II” for a second anime season is a piece of fantastic news for all baseball and anime enthusiasts. With a new promotional illustration from the author and the promise of more episodes to come, the hype for this series is at an all-time high. So, gear up and get ready to witness the best of baseball in the world of anime once again!